Why are people are showing up as numbers on Bluetooth (BLE) scanners?

After writing Human 2.0, the Internet of Bodies and Your Body’s the Node I decided to put it to the test and to observe the phenomenon.

Pam Vernon from Rangitikei-Environmental Health Watch (an excellent blog) was there to confirm my findings. We used a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a Bluetooth BLE scanner.

This is not an experiment as we can’t run baseline tests from before 2021. This is merely an observation. I work in the IT field, I’m a computer technician and CISCO qualified network engineer so I understand computer networks and MAC addresses. I know what I’m seeing. If you think this is nonsense, tell me what these Bluetooth Low Energy emitters are and why they’re moving around?

That’s WHAT we saw. Now for WHY we saw it.

There is a Transhuman agenda being driven by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum called Human 2.0. Not only will we “own nothing and be happy,” and “eat ze bugs,” but we will all have brain implants. In ten years. Listen to his vision, the clip is just under a minute long. Klaus and his cronies are out of control.

“You All Will Have Implants” – Klaus Schwab and Google Co-Founder Look Ahead to Transhumanism [VIDEO]

The technocrats are designing a Digital Identity System which we will be forced to have “in order to fully participate in the economy and society.” They call it a “human right.” It’s a UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goal, SDG 16.9, see A Digital Identity will be needed by 2030. Will it will be tied in with a mandatory “vaccine?”

As well, there will be AI, crypto currency, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the IoB (Internet of Bodies).

Would you trust the technocrats with your body? Your Body is the Network : Center for Internet of Bodies (C-IoB) Launch.

I believe what we’re looking at here in the shopping centre and cafe is the unethical and sneaky beginning of all of this.

The challenge is how do they work a system that if people understood it, nobody would want. “Essentially, you’re trying to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it’s ultimately going to go, because you’re talking about a transaction system that is no longer a currency – it’s a control system.

 Catherine Austin FittsThe end of currencies and a new control system


5G is needed for the IoT and IoB.

Now for HOW people at the shopping centre and the cafe are emitting Bluetooth Low Energy numbers.

5G signals can only travel for a short distance and can easily be lost from trees, objects, and rain. To compensate for this, 5G also needs a large amount of closely spaced mini cell towers to prevent signal loss. The vaccinated will serve as mini cell towers.

The human body has been turned into a nework for this purpose. If you don’t believe me look up CORONA from 2015. The protocol is an acronym for “A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks.”

Nanos are tiny devices that you can only see through a microscope and self-assembling nano-tech devices made of graphene have been found in “vaccinated” people. No, they aren’t injected with a microchip, it self-assembles in their bodies. The serum is injected with hyrogel containing graphene and self-assembling nanotech. It assembles according to RNA / DNA-based nanopatterns into electronic nanocircuits, with real nanoscale components, such as nanorouters and nanoantennas.

Each dose of the COVID-19 injection contains trillions of self replicating nanobots contained within the graphene oxide hydrogel, having the ability to disassemble or reassemble.

Graphene Oxide Hydrogel: Injecting Synthetic mRNA Into Every Cell

These electronic components are organized in Quantum Dots and Quantum Cells. See the heading ‘Quantum-dot tattoos’ below. Bill Gates and his cronies had been planning this well before 2020.

The Mark of the Beast

I believe this is the technology the Beast is going to use. We’re in its early stages. The Digital ID will contain a crypto-currency wallet. In 2019 Microsoft filed a patent for a CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. The patent number is WO2020060606. You can’t make this stuff up.

26 Ghz

The graphene and nano-tech needs a frequency to form a circuit. That’s where 5G and 26Ghz come in.

Graphene multiplies the frequency at the same time it does damage within the human body since it is toxic. This toxicity depends on the radiation it absorbs. Why 26Ghz? Because that’s the optimum signal multiplication frequency of graphene transistors. (1.41 of video)

5G and its 26Ghz are precisely to wreak havoc with these graphene transistors inside the body.

The project is sponsored by Darpa. It came to the attention of Klaus Schwab and his cronies. The smaller the device, the higher the frequency. 26Ghz is a frequency that goes directly to the transistors. The vaccine was the Trojan horse with that graphene introduced.

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In November 2019 my attention was drawn to Bill Gates and ID2020, a Global ID system he was designing with other bad actors like the UN, Microsoft and the Rockefeller Foundation. I warned about it citing what Aaron Russo, a friend of Nick Rockefeller said. The end goal is “to get us all chipped.”

ID2020, the Global Digital ID

Concerned, I wrote another post about it in January 2020. In the paragraphs about a connection to vaccines, the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, Revelation 13 which describes the mark of the beast which will be forced on the world. 

I wrote; “Here’s another unwelcome thought: will the mark alter our DNA?  We’re on the cusp of another technological revolution so I believe it’s possible.  I’m mentioning it so we can be aware of it.”

A Digital Identity will be needed by 2030

In March 2020, our first lock down, I wrote this post, building on the Digital ID that Bill Gates mentioned in a Reddit session : Vaxed – vexing questions about the Coronavirus pandemic

Graphene is toxic, in a previous post I show how different batches were tested on people to find out how much they can tolerate.

The Fine Art of Lethal Dosage Testing

Quantum-dot tattoos

The ‘digital certificates’ Gates was referring to are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records.  What are they?  Think nanos – a semiconductor nanostructure.

It was last year in December when scientists from the two universities revealed that they were working on these quantum-dot tattoos after Bill Gates approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated.

LUCIFERASE QUANTUM DOT Tattoo in Jupiter Ascending l Pre Programming

So Gates was working on the implantable tattoos in December 2019, the same month the virus first appeared in Wuhan, China.  He’s been working on this since all United Nations countries made a global commitment to provide legal identity for everyone by 2030.

Does COVID-19 stand for “Certificate of Vaccine ID 2019?”

Bill Gates wanted a “Digital ID” using quantum dots. He asked for MiT to develop it in 2019. Did he get his way without people realising it? Have people’s bodies been turned into a nanonetwork without their knowledge?

If you think I am being a nutter or a conspiracy theorist, why were my concerns of 2019 proven right five months later in 2020?


WEF: Smart Phones Will Be INSIDE People by 2030

Principa Scientific: Doctor Uses Bluetooth Apps to Prove the “Vaccinated” Become 5G Wired

Dr Luis Miguel De Benito, a digestive physician with a PhD in molecular biology, has recorded an excerpt of an experiment he conducted which has found what would appear to be mysterious MAC addresses detected in vaccinated individuals with Bluetooth applications.

Doctor Detects ​MAC Addresses in  COVID Vaccinated Individuals ​With Bluetooth Applications


The psychopaths running this nightmare wouldn’t inject people with GO just to poison and kill them; there are cheaper, faster, and more efficient ways of genocide. Although depopulation plays a large role in their agenda, population control is the ultimate objective.

The Vaccinated Will Be 5G Repeaters

If you recall from the 5G explanation from earlier, the high frequencies it operates in equates to very dense wavelengths. As a result, 5G signals can only travel for a short distance and can easily be lost from trees, objects, and rain. To compensate for this, 5G also needs a large amount of closely spaced mini cell towers to prevent signal loss.

The vaccinated will serve as mini cell towers.

The graphene oxide stored in the fatty tissues of the vaccinated will turn them into mini 5G cell towers needed for the needed signal reception. The GO (graphene oxide) acts as a receiver and transmitter for biometric data and can receive and transmit these biometric data points such as vital signs remotely. 5G cell towers and satellites can distribute frequencies to an individual, group, or area to those with GO in their fatty tissue. These frequencies can be used to control human populations, consciousness, and even thoughts.

How Covid, Fake Vaccines, Graphene Oxide, and 5G All Connect

Is this radiation sickness?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health policy has focused on the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus and its effects on human health while environmental factors have been largely ignored. In considering the epidemiological triad (agent-host-environment) applicable to all disease, we investigated a possible environmental factor in the COVID-19 pandemic: ambient radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems including microwaves and millimeter waves. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, surfaced in Wuhan, China shortly after the implementation of city-wide (fifth generation [5G] of wireless communications radiation [WCR]), and rapidly spread globally, initially demonstrating a statistical correlation to international communities with recently established 5G networks.

National Library of Medicine: Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

China rolls out ‘one of the world’s largest’ 5G networks, 1 November 2019

Is Covid is a smoke screen for radiation sickness?

Graphene labs and the Ukraine :

A further element is the use of nano-debris (positioned as a “vaccine”) to gradually over time invade a human by stealth and render them anything from sterile to dead.

There is one recently developed material (a substance with truly astonishing and alarming capacities) that is essential to the realisation of transhuman, cyber, military and depopulation objectives. That novochok – ‘new stuff’ – is called Graphene.

Some of the world’s leading graphene scientists and biowarfare experts are based in the Ukraine, and funded by the Pentagon. But the real cutting edge of this nanotechnology lies inside the Ukrainian States recognised by Russia last week as independent nations.


GO – Graphene Oxide

Prof. Dr Pablo Campra found Graphene Oxide Wireless Network in Covid-19 Vaccines: Jab Contains Wireless Nanosensor (June 2021)

Self Assembling Circuits, evidence from an electrical engineer

Exclusive Horrific Images: Circuits In Covid Jab Internet Router Causes Circuits To Self Assemble

Graphene Oxide and Nanotech

EXCLUSIVE: Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide

IOB, Internet of Bodies

Internet Of Bodies: Using CRISPR To Electrically Connect And Control The Genome

The ‘great reset’ meets the Internet of Bodies: manipulating human behavior with authoritarian surveillance

The Internet of Bodies: The Human Body as an Efficient and Secure Wireless Channel

Your body is your internet — and now it can’t be hacked. Researchers have protected your pacemaker, other medical tech from remote hacks before they happen. Date: March 12, 2019

Internet of Bodies, Agenda 2030 and Cyborgs


Do You Think People Are Too Stupid To Understand Teslaphoresis?

Microsoft Patent


CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks, 2015


  1. Thank you for citing my research, excellent report on your behalf. I had no idea about the CORONA nanonetwork system and the Teslaphoresis article was a great explanation on the topic. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your encouraging comments. Your report was excellent and I was glad to cite it.
      Keep up the good work.
      Warm regards,

  2. you are picking up cell phones. you need to go out into the middle of no where and remove all devices from the vaccinated and then see if they are emitting. you need the kismet programmes and a bluetooth reciever to do this. you will pickup M.A.C. addresses specific to each person. once picked up they will lose power and willed to be in the vicinity of wifi to reassemble.

    1. Hi Alanna, nice to “meet you” online.
      If I was picking up cellphones they should have a device name.
      As I was careful to point out, this was not an experiment, just an observation.
      What you’re mentioning has been done.
      Do you know about the French experiment?
      The people moving around at the local shopping centre came up just like the French experiment, with a MAC number and N/A for a device name.
      There could have some fitness trackers, smart watches or smart phones but these would normally show up as standard Bluetooth. And all the cellphones would have to have Bluetooth turned on.
      It’s unlikely that all the people would be like that, this was “Benefit Tuesday” with a lot of middle aged / elderly in the shopping area. The younger people were probably at work.
      This is a low energy Bluetooth scanner. Even if they did show up on a BLE scanner they should have a device name, like “Android. ” These have no device name, just N/A with a MAC address. Which begs the question, why would there be devices using the Bluetooth BLE protocol with no device name?
      Kind regards,

      1. Good points. Nice to meet you too. I enjoy your writing. There is certainly something that looks very like nanotech or microtech in the vaccines. Matt and Robin and Sue have seen it under the scope and unless it is some kind of crystal formation, as per Veda Austin, there is really nothing else it could be. The reason for it is obvious and the ability has been present for over a decade and the vaccines were the perfect excuse as a delivery device as no one would have accepted it otherwise. The Spanish video in which they used the Kismet programmes (which took me over 4 hours to download) and a usb bluetooth device showed it nicely. That guy also suggested that, once picked up, the nanotech dissociated again until back in the vicinity of wifi at which time it reassembled itself. I have the link somewhere, if you would like to see it. Thanks for the good work xx

      2. Thank you so much for your feedback on my blog. Blogging is a lonely occupation and we often wonder if we’re being heard. Words of encouragement like this keep us going and make us feel like we’re part of a bigger team.
        I really appreciate NZDSOS and the work you guys do. In the midst of cancer treatment last year I asked the doctor about the need for the so-called vaccine and whether I could use Ivermectin if I did catch Covid. My concerns were dismissed and he was negative about any treatment other than the “vaccine.” I never went back and spent the rest of the year ignoring the siren calls from the MOH and Doctor’s surgery to go and get “vaccinated.” I’ve recovered from the cancer treatment but wonder what would have happened if I’d got the jab. Would I have lived to tell the tale?
        Needless to say I am leery of going to a doctor now, probably like a lot of people.
        I think I’ve dodged graphene bullets, especially after listening to your colleague Dr Matt Shelton when he spoke in Wellington about what was found in the serum. I cited what he said in an article on my blog to make people aware of what you doctors found. A crime is being committed, he turned and spoke to the Police but I felt it would be a waste of time as it’s above their paygrade to investigate something this monstrous.
        Thank you so much for your work and sharing your findings. It’s great to know there are doctors who can still be trusted.
        I’m glad you’ve conducted a proper experiment using the Kismet program. It’s interesting the nanotech dissociates when not in wireless range and reassembles when it is. Have you heard of Teslaphoresis, self-assembly at a distance? This was something I’d never heard of but it’s probably what’s happening here.
        I’ve come at this whole thing from an IT angle having experience with networks, Internet protocols, MAC addresses and hex numbers. I’ve dumped all the devices found to a spreadsheet which I’ve been analysing. The N/A devices are coming up as “Microsoft.”
        I am watching the Bluetruth documentary you’ve given me, thanks for the link.

      3. If elderly were present, then I’d expect a lot of Bluetooth enabled hearing aids to also be present. It’s worth doing a few simple experiments to debunk this. Regarding the conspiracy theory, I think if there were nano-tech communication devices, then I guess they wouldn’t be using old Bluetooth tech. ‘Their’ tech will be 50 years ahead of us! Is there any more detail on that French study as these clips with limited detail cause people to head off down the wrong path and lead to certain groups getting a poor social reputation.

      4. Hi Cam,
        I agree with you that “their” tech won’t be our tech. The technology intended for us was designed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group; consisting of 150 companies.
        You also need to know about WBANs

        Regarding the French film, this is an extract of a documentary by Pierre Barnerias called Primum non Noncere. which means “First Do No Harm.” It’s not released yet. When it does it’s going to make waves, particularly in regard to this subject of codes emitted by vaccinated people.

  3. Too many “coincidences’ to ignore. The biggest one for me is that the IoB system was called Corona way back before covid. They must be laughing at how hidden in plain sight this stuff is, but obviously believe they will still pull it all off. In my view we are checkmated as soon as the new digital currency emerges, and fiat falls over. Our challenge is to prepare/ensure we can still operate outside of the new currency system.

    1. Hi Jason,
      Yes there are too many coincidences. How sick and twisted was it of them to call their pulmonary disease, that only 2% of people die of, “Coronavirus.”
      I agree with you about ‘checkmate’ as soon as they get their Reserve Bank currency issued.
      It is going to be a challenge operating outside of the new currency system.
      We are working on a barter token system in our local area right now.
      We’re all going to make a choice whether to stay or step out of the game.
      If it is a game of chess then we’ve just lost the Queen and the King is useless!
      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Cam,
      I’m not sure what percentage of the Tuesday shoppers would be in need of a hearing aid, and if they were, how many would be wearing the more expensive BLE enabled hearing devices.
      I would expect these devices to show up with a manufacturers name.
      After your comment I dumped the data to a spreadsheet and analysed it to check the devices I could find.
      There were some Fitbits and Fitness trackers which came up with the manufacturer’s name.
      It seems like I misjudged the Wanganui shoppers 🙂
      However most of the devices were N/A.
      I used another app to find out more about the N/A devices and it reported the manufacturer was Microsoft.
      Bill Gates wants a Digital ID for everyone. He and Microsoft spearheaded the Digital identity campaign called ID2020. It’s a sustainable development goal of the UN Agenda 2030, see SDG 16.9 and a “human right” to have one.
      Did they sneak the nanotech for a Digital ID into people under the guise of a “vaccine?”
      It makes me wonder. And shudder.

      1. Hi Jo
        I’ve noticed that some devices like my laptop can emit a different MAC address every few minutes using Bluetooth. I watched my laptop cycle through 3 different N/A addresses on that app – current being 32:61:87:79:85:97 which isn’t found in the lookup. The actual Bluetooth address is something different. The app did give the Windows symbol, but still showed N/A. I’ve heard that phones can cycle through different addresses, but not my area of expertise.
        I would think if Bill Gates was doing something through the jabs, that it wouldn’t be use Bluetooth and should be easy enough to prove (reasonably) if it was. I think that will go the way of the magnetic jabs. The weight of evidence is still very small – well, I have seen any solid evidence yet.
        Keeping in mind that 99.9% of us are already chipped via out phones and other devices, so we kinda gave them a hand-up there.
        My sources tell me that we shouldn’t feel so smug if we missed the jab for these reasons as the nanotech is also in the soil, air and food (not so much water). So we haven’t missed out unfortunately. We need to focus on staying healthy and using our ‘inner technology’ to combat any challenges. We are more powerful than anything when we stand in our full sovereign power. But few of us know how to do that and we’ve been taught (brainwashed) that we can’t do that to try and keep us weak. We are waking up in greater numbers now. It’s game on. We’re in what is known as the ‘frequency wars’. So much manipulation going on from all angles as you know.

      2. Good spotting with your laptop emiting a different MAC address every few minutes using Bluetooth.
        To safeguard user privacy, manufacturers can make use of a Bluetooth Smart feature known as Bluetooth LE Privacy. This feature causes the MAC address within the advertising packets to be replaced with a random value that changes at timing intervals determined by the manufacturer.
        I am with you where you say we haven’t escaped the nanotech.
        Now they’ll probably hide it in flu jabs. Or get us to drink it or inhale it. The PCR tests may also have exposed us to it, not that I ever had one up the nose.
        I believe they, Gates and his cronies, developed a serum containing graphene and nanotech and they hid it in hydrogel.
        CORONA stands for “A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks.”
        The “vaccine” was a trojan to get their technology into the human body.
        To identify and track people they are using Bluetooth Low Energy as it was built for the Internet of Things and the Internet of Bodies.
        I agree with you that the focus needs to be on staying healthy and that we are powerful.
        I am glad you are awake. I hope the links I’ve provided for the scientific papers help answer some questions.

      3. Hi Jo
        Not that familiar with WordPress, but some comments have a reply button and others don’t, so not sure where this will be pasted.
        Some of my background. My awakening started around 2006 when I started asking questions (due to health – chronic fatigue) and essentially receiving answers and realising that we are spiritual beings having a human experience which gives context to everything happening on earth. Knowing what I know now, I shouldn’t really be spending a lot of time on these topics (eg Bluetooth implants), but my brain is always curious and wants a clearer understanding. I was exposed to channelling which if you’re not familiar is access to information from off-planet and from other dimensions. This was a gamechanger and still is to this day as I have access to the grand plan that is going on here on earth. It gets complex and these elites are essentially doing us a favour. We live in world of duality, so we can’t know good without knowing evil. We live on the ‘planet of emotion’ and we have a lot of old baggage to work through to get us out of this pit of despair. Essentially, we need x % of people to wake up before things will really start to turn in our favour. Thankfully we don’t need anywhere near a majority. We each control our own reality no matter what is going on around us, but the brainwashing is everywhere so it’s difficult to ignore all that is going on and still have human friends! haha. I get most info regarding global agendas channelled through Wendy Kennedy who recently put out a free channelling. The entities being channelled are like our ancestors and are here to help us, but they don’t give us all the answers or it would ruin the ‘game’ we’re in. It’s like trying to play Trivial Pursuit but having someone whisper all the answers in your ear. Ruins the game. They do however drop snippets here and there and more importantly help us deal with the emotion which is the most important thing when you think about it. (beyond food, water, air and shelter). Everyone has signed up to their own journey, so not everyone needs access to this info as that might spoil their specific game plan. So this is where I get high-level info on nanotech, agendas, geoengineering, etc. Most importantly, they (in this case, the Pleiadians) do not want us in fear as the beings ‘in control’ want us to be in fear, hence all the fearmongering that constantly goes on from all directions. The elites want to reduce the population to make us easier to control – we must be getting out of hand! Anyway, sorry if that waffle was too much, but there is a pathway available for a broader understanding for those that want it. It can be a headf*uck, but after listening for about 15 years I have a good basis for understanding it. The human brain is a bit limiting though.
        In the meantime I’m sifting through geoengineering, health issues, financial issues and sorting the wheat from the chaff as there is a lot of conjecture out there which I try to pull up and get to the bottom of to avoid more of the Q@non type theories propagating that would have us believe someone is coming to save us. Nobody is coming to save us. We will save us. Some would argue that we don’t even need saving – that’s a perception.

      4. Hi Cam,
        Sorry if you get this twice, I pressed ‘send’ and it hasn’t appeared as a reply.
        Thank you so much for sharing your journey.
        My awakening was in 2015, the Year of “Light.” I woke up, looked around, went down a big Cern rabbit hole and stopped watching. But I did record things that year.
        I agree we are spiritual beings, but we are in a fallen condition. Our first parents were deceived by a pretty, pretty angel called Lucifer. He was their downfall, we lost our royal position as children of the Creator and Lucifer got control of the planet.
        There is a grand plan for earth and our redemption. A battle is going on, hence the duality of good and evil. The battle is for the souls of men. These demonic beings exult in our suffering.
        They occasionally appear in unadulterated news photos, smirking.

        If you want it’s name look up the matching Bible verse in Revelation 9:11.
        Here’s another one caught with a delighted expression on his face in the east Gippsland bushfire.
        I hope this convinces you of the reality of spiritual warfare.
        They and the people under their control want us to live in fear and that there is brainwashing everywhere. I agree with you on this.
        I serve a master who shared in our suffering and he knows what it’s like to be human. He reveals things on a need to know basis.
        I woke up again in 2019 when the Creator said Lucifer’s servants were preparing a Digital ID and to start warning the world about it. I will not call Lucifer’s servants “the elite” as they are not.
        The master I serve is in charge of the Pleiades and the seven congregations in Heaven. The Pleiades is in the constellation of Taurus and there are also seven congregations on earth. They were represented by seven physical congregations, located in Turkey at the foot of the Taurus Mountain range. He has written 7 letters to the congregations in a book he has signified.
        The number of his name in Greek is 888 and in the book he has “ghost written” (the Book of Revelation) there are 22 chapters of 404 verses, which numbers 8888.
        I don’t do chanelling, the entities can present themselves as angels of light when they’re not, I’ve been head to head with them a few times. A good way to test them is to ask them whether the Lord of the Pleiades came to earth in the flesh, as a man. If they confess him then it’s good, but they won’t. Chanelling between us and them is a forbidden practise. The name of my master is Jesus. Ask them if Jesus came to earth as a man.
        He is the first to come back from the dead. He is coming to save us and yes we do need saving.
        You are awake and we’ve been staring into the heart of darkness with the nanotech alteration of human bodies. I don’t want you staring into this darkness without the light of God’s truth.
        If anything I have said sparks your interest hop on over to my page “God and Man.” There you will find proof of Jesus’ existence and even his blood type.
        I am here if you have any questions. Pam Vernon can answer questions too.
        God bless,

      5. Hi Jo, thanks for sharing your experience and beliefs. Yes, it’s possible to channel any being or group of beings, so it is important to ‘ask for assistance from the beings of the highest frequencies of light and love. All others we bind from us’. They teach us to be empowered and use our own discernment to feel into what is best for each of us at any time. I am God, a spark of the divine. We are all born of source energy and there is ultimately no hierarchy of power except that which we choose. Anything other is separation consciousness. Of course, I’m human and it’s a journey where separation serves to help us grow and evolve. How could I experience jealousy if I did not believe I was separate from the being I’m jealous of. All part of the game as it were. Your soul has mapped out your journey to create your experience for this lifetime and I respect that. I respect your freewill. We progress more efficiently by feeling into and processing/releasing everything that comes our way. We live on the planet of emotion with a huge emotional range which makes some things feel extremely intense and difficult. We’re also part of a collective and we will continue to be expose to this collective energy which we must navigate during this human experience. Our inner technology is our greatest resource for navigating these times, but we must remember how to access it to be able to use it effectively. We must undo the lifetime of programming. Many of us gave our power away for too long. I choose to stand in my power and make choices that feel in alignment with my path. I choose love.

    2. Hi Cam, glad u came here with your Qs. Jo was the one to answer them. I merely observed. IT is not my area of expertise. I am from the Rangitikei blog.. I just read your response about your awakening which is similar to mine. I awoke to the health system in 2004 …also with Chronic Fatigue… well began to be at that stage. Wanting to know of course its origin and why I was told there was ‘no cure’. Years later (more recently) Judy Mikovits pointed to the vaccs in particular the Hep B one as being contaminated. Regarding the wider globalist scenario we in NZ had an investigative writer/Christian evangelist Barry Smith who uncovered the plan away back in the 1970s. Laughed off by many as conspiracy … little did they know. If you are not new to my blog you may know there is a UK interview with him on my One World Govt page. Re Geoengineering, have you listened to or read Elana Freeland’s work?

      1. Hi Pam – It can be a long old journey with CFS. I’m still not fully over it, but there’s always work to be done on ridding toxins, improving diet, behaviours and environment. Yes, I’ve seen Elana’s presentations.

        I’m always looking for ways to target these more toward mainstream people as the more they get involved, the easier it will be to make changes. However, some of what I see just doesn’t give good enough evidence when you’re up against powerful MSM narratives. In some geoengineering groups people photograph and odd cloud and say ‘look, geoengineering’ without backing it up in any way. Any person with half a brain is going to run from that as it needs to be more convincing. In many cases, I’m not convinced either. Lots of confirmation bias. Lower quantity and higher quality of posts is what I recommend. The Nelson floods were a good opportunity to share the knowledge wider, but the proof is fairly limited and not well presented. Of course, we’ve all been told that climate change (aka CO2) is causing this stuff which is a self-perpetuating cycle that mainstreamers are in, so it’s difficult to break them out of it. Covid was a great awakener. What will be next??? No idea how the rumours of climate lockdown are going to playout in this country, but I was feeling pretty good being in NZ in 2020 until 2021 rolled along and JA’s evil horns popped out from her skull for many to see (not everyone it seems!).

  4. Here is the video : https://www.bitchute.com/video/07rUgNbNCIjz/
    The promising thing is that those who followed a detox protocol seem to have removed the nanotech from their system. We are using NAC to excellent effect in vax injury protocols and I have been taking it daily since early 2021 as I kibe with a quad vaxxed person. I think the Spanish people in this video have their own protocol based on Chlorine dioxide (MMS) – there is a link to their website.

    1. It’s good to know there is a detox treatment to remove the nanotech.
      My goodness, my work cleaning up a computer after a scam pales into insignificance compared to cleaning up the human body after this trojan.
      Thanks for the video link. This is an exellent video, better than the French one which was just an intro.
      The thing that really spoke to me was the testimony by Diego Barrientos, the Cyber-Security Expert. When he checked the security at the military base, they discovered that the emissions were coming from the people. At first I thought he meant from cars. I went back and checked (time stamp 8:22) as I understand a little Spanish. The translation is not right – where he was reported as saying “people’s physical vehicles,” he said “persona.”
      So the numbers were coming from persona, people.
      You’re right about the vaccines being the perfect excuse as a delivery device as no one would have accepted it otherwise.

      1. Can we recreate the tests here with people we know in a more controlled experiment? I’m a little hazy on what activates/deactivates these things. I’m trying here, albeit with some disinterested participants (my parents!), but not seeing anything of interest yet. We also have to remember that even if what they did was all true (we have no way to know), it could also be batch specific as we know that different batches potentially have different death rates. I think it’s important to not assume anything when chasing conspiracy theories. There is so much mis/dis-information on both sides out there, it’s hard work to wade through it all. We need to do our best to avoid confirmation bias.
        As I say, the jab was not needed to delivery nano-tech. We’re already exposed.

      2. I am waiting for the delivery of a usb bluetooth scanner then we will recreate the tests in the BOP. I have vaxxed participants and several people unvaxxed but who have had multiple pcr. We have an isolated field and the kismet is downloaded. I’ll let you know via this blog post what transpires. I am doing it more as a way of helping people to understand what we think is in the jabs and therefore once they can acknowledge to we can help them detox.

      3. That’s really good.
        Yes please share the results of the experiment when you do it.
        I can put you in touch with unvaxxed people in the BOP if you need some test subjects, just let me know if you want them.
        People will need to be detoxed or they’ll have to stay away from 4G and 5G – which may be difficult in future. So what you’re offering is really important. Even without the cellphone towers they’re going to need it as it’s toxic.
        That Spanish experiment was interesting in that unvaccinated were also picked up on the scanner and the conclusion was they’d absorbed nano from vaxxed partners or PCR tests.
        I personally have witnessed the magnetic phenomenom from a young unvaccinated woman whose husband was forced to get “vaccinated.” I concluded the graphene must have been transferred from the husband.
        We remained untested and unvaxxed throughout 2021 until November 2021 when we had to move from Rodney area, and had to submit to a test in order to get through the Auckland border. I insisted on throat swabs. Fortunately we didn’t get any graphene as we don’t show up on the BLE scanners. I wonder if we’d have been emitting BLE codes if we’d allowed the invasive nasal PCR test.

      4. Great work Alanna! Look forward to hearing more. So do we need a special scanner as I noticed the Spanish study used the standard BLE app on a phone (among other devices) which is what I have used.

        Jo – can you briefly describe what you saw regarding the magnetic incident? What size magnet was it able to hold? Was this against the Deltoid and how soon after the jibby-jab? I just think if this is so easily reproduceable (and maybe it’s not) then we’d able to show everyone, then more would try and see, etc etc. Things can go viral (pun not intended) pretty quick when they’re easily seen. If not, then it dies pretty quick too.

        I’ve only done RAT test swabs. No idea about them.

      5. Hi Alanna – thanks for the link. I don’t recall seeing an NZDSOS article on it before, but having seen thousands of articles it can all become a blur after a while. Interestingly Rumble didn’t show any videos, but Odysee showed quite a few which looked ok. As always, they could have done better videos – but one made an effort with a compass. Some were ok. I didn’t see anyone use a tri-field meter, but there’s only so many hours in the day to go down these rabbit holes with no important end objective for me other than curiosity. I’ll try in out on people if/when I get the chance, but I assume if requires a fresh jab? No word on how long it lasts and web searches just show all the debunking websites, which, to be fair are quite numerous – more so than usual, but perhaps this is actually quite rare relative to the billions of doses administered. Having watched enough Instagram reels and the like it’s easy to see how these things can be faked. I didn’t see anyone put a sheet of paper in between, but that might be out there if I search further.

        Again, I wish the debunkers would get together with the people that claim it is magnetic. Common sense says that there wouldn’t be enough material to attract a magnet and there are those that claim the jab creates a magnet which seems even less likely. However, common sense doesn’t always apply. Putting a magnet on the arm is more believable, but not the hammer and pliers I saw in one video! Still, seeing it first hand is always interesting, but I’m not aware of anyone that made themselves available for such trials in public. Suspect not many ‘venues’ would be willing to host it, so would need to be done on the street or somewhere public. That’s always the best way have people believe it. Or put in on MSM – lol. Seeing is believing. I’m assuming the vial is not magnetic, so it would have to rely on a mechanism to gather metal particles in the body. I wonder if anything has showed up on an x-ray, but that test would be even less common.

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