Bad Blood in NZ

New Zealander’s rights continue to be trampled on. The latest assault came when non-vaccinated blood was refused for a NZ baby needing an operation. What the parents wanted wasn’t bad and it should have been granted. But the government overplayed its hand – the case went to court and the Blood Bank admitted in court that traces of the spike protein from the Covid mRNA injection have been found in the donated blood.

It’s not a good look. The safety of our blood supply is in question.

Why couldn’t the parents use the blood from the donors they’d lined up? The Blood Bank could have screened it. It used to be possible in pre-Covid days.

The traumatised parents of the baby at the centre of this issue were not listened to and they lost custody temporarily while the operation was on.

The Medical Kidnap of Baby Will

Eighteen months ago, in June 2021, VFF published an article spotlighting new research on the discovery of vaccine-induced spike protein in the blood of the recently vaccinated. The study was pertinent as our health experts had publicly stated that the vaccine solution and subsequent spike protein production didn’t travel beyond the injection site. Vaccine-induced spike protein, mRNA, and lipid nanoparticles are not meant to make their way into the blood, yet they did.  

Jabbed Blood: A Dilemma

The article asks, if the spike protein is present in donated blood used for blood transfusions in physically vulnerable patients, could the spike protein then cause damage to the patient’s inner cellular lining of their arteries, veins, and capillaries? 

Scientific evidence shows it does.

Baby Alex

In the US, another baby died from being given a transfusion of vaccinated blood.

“He developed a blood clot instantly that stretched from his knee to his heart. He made it two weeks before he died. “

In Conversation With Cornelia – Mother of Baby Alex

Given this testimony, shouldn’t the precautionary approach be used when it comes to donated blood? But the precautionary approach is not being used in New Zealand – our Health Department, Courts, Media and Blood Bank have adopted a “she’ll be right attitude” where they think we should blindly trust the government, our “single source of truth.”

In NZ people getting “vaccinated” can go and donate blood the next day. Here’s the info from the NZ Blood Bank.

NZ Blood Bank

“For vaccines and booster doses that require no stand down, please wait until the day after receiving your vaccination or booster dose before donating, provided there is no inflammation or infection at the vaccination site.”

Pfizer BioNTech (BNT-162b2)
Janssen/Johnson & Johnson (Ad26.COV2.S)
 AstraZeneca (Oxford – AstraZeneca)
 Novavax (NVX-CoV2373)
COVID-19 Vaccines
New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) has implemented criteria for donors who have received the COVID-19 vaccination or booster dose to ensure the safe collection and transfusion of blood and blood products.

Other links:

Two Expert Paediatric Cardiologists Speak On Baby Will’s Case – 8th Dec 2022

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: NZ’s Baby Will Taken from his parents (updated)


NZ Funeral Director Speaks Out

Our funeral directors aren’t the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff – it’s too late for that – but they are there to pick up the pieces and be our eyes and ears regarding Covid vaccine-related deaths.

Someone has to be brave enough to do it because of the censorship in the media. Last week Brenton Faithfull, a funeral director and Justice of the Peace, courageously spoke out.

Brenton Faithfull, Funeral Director, Speaks to Dr Matt Shelton About What He is Seeing

What concerns me just as much as the deaths of vaccinated people is the media’s response. Instead of investigating, Stuff media went on the attack!

JP and undertaker shares anti-government and vaccine conspiracy theories

Whistleblowing Kiwi Funeral Director Brenton Faithfull

This is criminal but it’s the dismal state of affairs in New Zealand. I live for the day journalists like these are held accountable.

Meanwhile Brenton Faithfull is not the only funeral director to speak out.

In the UK there’s John O’Looney:

Funeral Director John O’Looney Update (25.7.2022)


And here’s a funeral director from Tasmania, Australia:

Australian Funeral Director Says That Business Is Up By Fifty Percent

If you hear of any others please let me know.

Deaths around the world

Watch: Excess Mortality in New Zealand

Suddenly Dead Kiwis – Please Explain

New Zealand excess mortality compared to COVID-19 deaths

COVID-19 Boosters and Rising Excess Mortality in New Zealand

Deaths in NZ

It’s worldwide.


New Scientist avoids the elephant in the room:

There are thousands more UK deaths than usual and we don’t know why

Since April, there have been 22,500 more deaths than expected in the UK. Health experts are concerned but unsure of the causes – which could include covid-19, population ageing and NHS problems

New Scientist

It wouldn’t have anything to do with a mass vaccination campaign would it?

The unexplained rise in excess deaths around the world

CDC data: Millennials experienced ‘a Vietnam War’ in 2nd half of 2021

Death Shot: The Media Is Having A Hard Time Covering Up The Growing Number Of Sudden Deaths And Reactions From The Vaxxed,

June 14, 2022, by Jacob M. Thompson, The Winepress.

Blood clots found in dead bodies

It pretty much has to be a novel injectable product, first used in 2021 that results in blood clots and is injected into well over 50 percent of the population. There is only one drug that fits that bill: the COVID vaccines,” he wrote on his Substack.

Since the vast majority of people survive the shots, the question of whether a vaccinated person dies or not is likely a combination of how well they “take up and replicate the mRNA, how dangerous the batch is, and other factors,” Kirsch wrote.

Source: The Ohio Star, Funeral Directors, Embalmers Alarmed by Unusual Blood Clots in Vaccinated Bodies

More embalmers report bizarre blood clots amid COVID vax campaign

Funeral Embalmer: 85% of Dead Bodies Now Have Strange Blood Clots Since COVID Vaccine Roll-outs

12th October 2022

THREE Funeral Directors speak out

Why are people showing up as numbers on Bluetooth (BLE) scanners?

After writing Human 2.0, the Internet of Bodies and Your Body’s the Node I decided to put it to the test and to observe the phenomenon.

Pam Vernon from Rangitikei-Environmental Health Watch (an excellent blog) was there to confirm my findings. We used a Samsung Galaxy Tablet with a Bluetooth BLE scanner.

This is not an experiment as we can’t run baseline tests from before 2021. This is merely an observation. I work in the IT field, I’m a computer technician and CISCO qualified network engineer so I understand computer networks and MAC addresses. I know what I’m seeing. If you think this is nonsense, tell me what these Bluetooth Low Energy emitters are and why they’re moving around?

That’s WHAT we saw. Now for WHY we saw it.

There is a Transhuman agenda being driven by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum called Human 2.0. Not only will we “own nothing and be happy,” and “eat ze bugs,” but we will all have brain implants. In ten years. Listen to his vision, the clip is just under a minute long. Klaus and his cronies are out of control.

“You All Will Have Implants” – Klaus Schwab and Google Co-Founder Look Ahead to Transhumanism [VIDEO]

The technocrats are designing a Digital Identity System which we will be forced to have “in order to fully participate in the economy and society.” They call it a “human right.” It’s a UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goal, SDG 16.9, see A Digital Identity will be needed by 2030. Will it will be tied in with a mandatory “vaccine?”

As well, there will be AI, crypto currency, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the IoB (Internet of Bodies).

Would you trust the technocrats with your body? Your Body is the Network : Center for Internet of Bodies (C-IoB) Launch.

I believe what we’re looking at here in the shopping centre and cafe is the unethical and sneaky beginning of all of this.

The challenge is how do they work a system that if people understood it, nobody would want. “Essentially, you’re trying to get people to buy into a solution before they see where it’s ultimately going to go, because you’re talking about a transaction system that is no longer a currency – it’s a control system.

 Catherine Austin FittsThe end of currencies and a new control system


5G is needed for the IoT and IoB.

Now for HOW people at the shopping centre and the cafe are emitting Bluetooth Low Energy numbers.

5G signals can only travel for a short distance and can easily be lost from trees, objects, and rain. To compensate for this, 5G also needs a large amount of closely spaced mini cell towers to prevent signal loss. The vaccinated will serve as mini cell towers.

The human body has been turned into a nework for this purpose. If you don’t believe me look up CORONA from 2015. The protocol is an acronym for “A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks.”

Nanos are tiny devices that you can only see through a microscope and self-assembling nano-tech devices made of graphene have been found in “vaccinated” people. No, they aren’t injected with a microchip, it self-assembles in their bodies. The serum is injected with hyrogel containing graphene and self-assembling nanotech. It assembles according to RNA / DNA-based nanopatterns into electronic nanocircuits, with real nanoscale components, such as nanorouters and nanoantennas.

Each dose of the COVID-19 injection contains trillions of self replicating nanobots contained within the graphene oxide hydrogel, having the ability to disassemble or reassemble.

Graphene Oxide Hydrogel: Injecting Synthetic mRNA Into Every Cell

These electronic components are organized in Quantum Dots and Quantum Cells. See the heading ‘Quantum-dot tattoos’ below. Bill Gates and his cronies had been planning this well before 2020.

The Mark of the Beast

I believe this is the technology the Beast is going to use. We’re in its early stages. The Digital ID will contain a crypto-currency wallet. In 2019 Microsoft filed a patent for a CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA. The patent number is WO2020060606. You can’t make this stuff up.

26 Ghz

The graphene and nano-tech needs a frequency to form a circuit. That’s where 5G and 26Ghz come in.

Graphene multiplies the frequency at the same time it does damage within the human body since it is toxic. This toxicity depends on the radiation it absorbs. Why 26Ghz? Because that’s the optimum signal multiplication frequency of graphene transistors. (1.41 of video)

5G and its 26Ghz are precisely to wreak havoc with these graphene transistors inside the body.

The project is sponsored by Darpa. It came to the attention of Klaus Schwab and his cronies. The smaller the device, the higher the frequency. 26Ghz is a frequency that goes directly to the transistors. The vaccine was the Trojan horse with that graphene introduced.

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In November 2019 my attention was drawn to Bill Gates and ID2020, a Global ID system he was designing with other bad actors like the UN, Microsoft and the Rockefeller Foundation. I warned about it citing what Aaron Russo, a friend of Nick Rockefeller said. The end goal is “to get us all chipped.”

ID2020, the Global Digital ID

Concerned, I wrote another post about it in January 2020. In the paragraphs about a connection to vaccines, the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030, Revelation 13 which describes the mark of the beast which will be forced on the world. 

I wrote; “Here’s another unwelcome thought: will the mark alter our DNA?  We’re on the cusp of another technological revolution so I believe it’s possible.  I’m mentioning it so we can be aware of it.”

A Digital Identity will be needed by 2030

In March 2020, our first lock down, I wrote this post, building on the Digital ID that Bill Gates mentioned in a Reddit session : Vaxed – vexing questions about the Coronavirus pandemic

Graphene is toxic, in a previous post I show how different batches were tested on people to find out how much they can tolerate.

The Fine Art of Lethal Dosage Testing

Quantum-dot tattoos

The ‘digital certificates’ Gates was referring to are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records.  What are they?  Think nanos – a semiconductor nanostructure.

It was last year in December when scientists from the two universities revealed that they were working on these quantum-dot tattoos after Bill Gates approached them about solving the problem of identifying those who have not been vaccinated.

LUCIFERASE QUANTUM DOT Tattoo in Jupiter Ascending l Pre Programming

So Gates was working on the implantable tattoos in December 2019, the same month the virus first appeared in Wuhan, China.  He’s been working on this since all United Nations countries made a global commitment to provide legal identity for everyone by 2030.

Does COVID-19 stand for “Certificate of Vaccine ID 2019?”

Bill Gates wanted a “Digital ID” using quantum dots. He asked for MiT to develop it in 2019. Did he get his way without people realising it? Have people’s bodies been turned into a nanonetwork without their knowledge?

If you think I am being a nutter or a conspiracy theorist, why were my concerns of 2019 proven right five months later in 2020?


WEF: Smart Phones Will Be INSIDE People by 2030

Principa Scientific: Doctor Uses Bluetooth Apps to Prove the “Vaccinated” Become 5G Wired

Dr Luis Miguel De Benito, a digestive physician with a PhD in molecular biology, has recorded an excerpt of an experiment he conducted which has found what would appear to be mysterious MAC addresses detected in vaccinated individuals with Bluetooth applications.

Doctor Detects ​MAC Addresses in  COVID Vaccinated Individuals ​With Bluetooth Applications


The psychopaths running this nightmare wouldn’t inject people with GO just to poison and kill them; there are cheaper, faster, and more efficient ways of genocide. Although depopulation plays a large role in their agenda, population control is the ultimate objective.

The Vaccinated Will Be 5G Repeaters

If you recall from the 5G explanation from earlier, the high frequencies it operates in equates to very dense wavelengths. As a result, 5G signals can only travel for a short distance and can easily be lost from trees, objects, and rain. To compensate for this, 5G also needs a large amount of closely spaced mini cell towers to prevent signal loss.

The vaccinated will serve as mini cell towers.

The graphene oxide stored in the fatty tissues of the vaccinated will turn them into mini 5G cell towers needed for the needed signal reception. The GO (graphene oxide) acts as a receiver and transmitter for biometric data and can receive and transmit these biometric data points such as vital signs remotely. 5G cell towers and satellites can distribute frequencies to an individual, group, or area to those with GO in their fatty tissue. These frequencies can be used to control human populations, consciousness, and even thoughts.

How Covid, Fake Vaccines, Graphene Oxide, and 5G All Connect

Is this radiation sickness?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) public health policy has focused on the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) virus and its effects on human health while environmental factors have been largely ignored. In considering the epidemiological triad (agent-host-environment) applicable to all disease, we investigated a possible environmental factor in the COVID-19 pandemic: ambient radiofrequency radiation from wireless communication systems including microwaves and millimeter waves. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, surfaced in Wuhan, China shortly after the implementation of city-wide (fifth generation [5G] of wireless communications radiation [WCR]), and rapidly spread globally, initially demonstrating a statistical correlation to international communities with recently established 5G networks.

National Library of Medicine: Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G

China rolls out ‘one of the world’s largest’ 5G networks, 1 November 2019

Is Covid is a smoke screen for radiation sickness?

Graphene labs and the Ukraine :

A further element is the use of nano-debris (positioned as a “vaccine”) to gradually over time invade a human by stealth and render them anything from sterile to dead.

There is one recently developed material (a substance with truly astonishing and alarming capacities) that is essential to the realisation of transhuman, cyber, military and depopulation objectives. That novochok – ‘new stuff’ – is called Graphene.

Some of the world’s leading graphene scientists and biowarfare experts are based in the Ukraine, and funded by the Pentagon. But the real cutting edge of this nanotechnology lies inside the Ukrainian States recognised by Russia last week as independent nations.


GO – Graphene Oxide

Prof. Dr Pablo Campra found Graphene Oxide Wireless Network in Covid-19 Vaccines: Jab Contains Wireless Nanosensor (June 2021)

Self Assembling Circuits, evidence from an electrical engineer

Exclusive Horrific Images: Circuits In Covid Jab Internet Router Causes Circuits To Self Assemble

Graphene Oxide and Nanotech

EXCLUSIVE: Australian Whistleblower Scientists Provide Evidence of Nanotech & Graphene Oxide

IOB, Internet of Bodies

Internet Of Bodies: Using CRISPR To Electrically Connect And Control The Genome

The ‘great reset’ meets the Internet of Bodies: manipulating human behavior with authoritarian surveillance

The Internet of Bodies: The Human Body as an Efficient and Secure Wireless Channel

Your body is your internet — and now it can’t be hacked. Researchers have protected your pacemaker, other medical tech from remote hacks before they happen. Date: March 12, 2019

Internet of Bodies, Agenda 2030 and Cyborgs


Do You Think People Are Too Stupid To Understand Teslaphoresis?

Microsoft Patent


CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks, 2015

Tokelau Islanders held for over NINE months for Refusing Covid Vaccine

The Tokelau Islands are tiny atoll islands in the Pacific, one of the remotest places on earth. Number of Covid cases? Zero. But unknown to the world, families are imprisoned in the Tokelau Islands for refusing the Covid vaccine.

Some were released from house arrest this month, in June 2022. People on Atafu are partially released but the people on Nukunonu are still being held. The imprisonment happened under the watch of NZ prime minister Jacinda Adern’s father, Ross Adern. He has recently resigned from his position as Administrator of the Tokelau Islands. Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta today announced the appointment of Don Higgins as the next Administrator of Tokelau.

The NZ Minister of Justice was Kris Faafoi. His parents were from Tokelau although he grew up in Christchurch. How could he let this happen? Faafoi resigned from his ministrial roles on 14th June 2022.

How can the New Zealand government justify the House Arrest of New Zealand citizens for choosing not to be vaccinated in a region that has no COVID-19?

The fact that the Tokelau Islands are administered by the New Zealand government and the people are being treated like this is unconscionable.

From Truthwatch NZ:

We must bring Kiwis attention to this unbelievable abuse of Human Rights and demand freedom for all residents in Tokelau.

Community Comms Collective Website for Mainstream Media Contact Information:…

List of Members of Parliament to contact:…

– To get a reference on how small the atoll of Nukunonu, Tokelau is, see these visuals:…

Tokelau resident Mahelino Patelesio: Under House Arrest

Nukunonu, Tokelau resident Mahelino Patelesio has been placed under house arrest for the last 11 months and there seems to be no end in sight. Mahelino and many others are restricted in every area of their life. He is not allowed to go anywhere. Not even allowed to go fishing.

This is unforgivable from the Council and governing bodies of Tokelau. They have way over-extended their powers.

Please share this story as far and wide as you can and send this interview to as many Mainstream Media outlets as possible (, Stuff, RNZ, Newshub and more).


Talanoa Sa’o presenter Papali’i Fuiavailili Ala’ilima was recently approached by concerned Tokelau people who felt that their elders and New Zealand Administrator were engaging in a human rights breach, specifically around Habeas Corpus, or unlawful detention. There was great fear that Tokelau was just too small to be of any concern to the outside world.

The fear communicated to Fuiavailili was over the house arrest of various families simply for choosing to not take the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination. Some of these detainees have now been under House Arrest for over nine months. The Daily Examiner has been advised that the government have not supported those under House Arrest, now referred to as House Isolation.

Detainees told Talanoa Sa’o reporters that they would have struggled to feed their families if not for the disobedience of other families in the villages.

After Nine Months, No Covid, and being Called Out by Talanoa Sa’o, Tokelau House Arrested to be Freed

New Zealand Citizens Under House Arrest for Pfizer Non-Compliance, Ross Ardern Suddenly Resigns (Tokelau)

The story of Tokelau, the prison islands — and Ross Ardern, their NZ-appointed administrator

New Administrator of Tokelau announced

Human 2.0, the Internet of Bodies and Your Body’s the Node

Did you know the goal is for your body to be networked and used as a node on the Internet? Sounds crazy, I know. How does that work? The technocrats have discovered that body fluids like blood carry electrical signals very well and they’ve designed so-called “body area networks” using Bluetooth technology to send signals on and around the body. Yes it’s a thing. The military have been using it for a while.

It’s called the Internet of Bodies, or IoB and the technology is designed to integrate with the Internet of Things, or IoT.

So, how does one connect a human body to an internet network? Subcutaneous devices injected under the skin, of course. Popescu, the author of this article, envisions self-assembling always-on graphene semiconductors which can be powered by the human body’s heat and electrical current.

From Human Body Digitization to Internet of Bodies toward a New Dimension of Military Operations,
Vasile Florin Popescu, Published Online: 23 Oct 2019

Subcutaneous devices injected under the skin? What does THAT remind you of?

But we’ll carry on.

BTLE, Bluetooth Low Energy

Have you heard of vaccinated people emitting numbers? It sounds crazy, just as crazy as vaccinated people turning metallic, which by the way happened to one of our friends.

I’m a computer technician by trade, with a relevant computer networking qualification. I can hook things up and I know how devices communicate with the internet. I understand IP numbers, MAC addresses. I can convert hex and binary numbers to decimal. That’s my gig.

I was interested in the type of network being used so I had a look at one of the videos where people were emitting these numbers, and noted the network protocol, BTLE.

So the Body Area Network is using a special kind of Bluetooth connection called BTLE – Bluetooth low energy. No doubt you are familiar with the term Bluetooth, you probably use Bluetooth technology for your devices. This type of Bluetooth is independent of classic Bluetooth and has no compatibility, so injected people cannot become Bluetooth pairable with other devices, but they are generating a MAC address. (See links for the technical explanation of a MAC address.) Both kinds of Bluetooth use 2.4 GHz and are intended for short-hop wireless communication.

Wireless nano-technology is not new, it’s been around for at least a decade. These self-assembling electronic nanocircuits, with real nanoscale components, such as nanorouters, and nanoantennas, formed of graphene, act as a signal repeater to form a nanonetwork within the person’s body. The packet routing system used for this was called CORONA (COordinate and ROuting System for NAnonetworks).

We all know the reason for the global vaccine push was the CORONA virus. What a coincidence!

Again we’ll move on.

If you have been injected, just pray that the batch of the serum you got stayed in the arm muscle without doing anything. But don’t let the agencies pusing the boosters talk you into doing it again.

Not everyone will be magnetic or emitting MAC addresses. Thanks to the work of researchers such as Craig Paardekooper (see my previous Blog post) who exposed the toxic batches, we know that

90% or more of the injuries, adverse events, side effects, disabilities, hospitalizations and deaths from the COVID fake-vaccine came from just 5% of the batches, and we can speculate that some but not all of the non-vaccines contain Bluetooth capable nanochips with MAC addresses.

The COVID Vaccine: More Evidence the vaccine is embedding MAC addresses.

But it’s scary to think how many people have been innocently and callously subjected to the nanotech and had their bodies changed without their knowledge or consent. And that’s at best. At worst, people were killed or permanantly disabled by the toxic batches of the Covid jab.

The links below are mainly scientific but I have included people conducting their own experiments.


MAC address

MAC is an acronym for ‘Media Access Control’ and it’s a standard networking term for a a six byte hexadecimal address. Hex is a 12-character alphanumeric code that consists of 6 groups of 2 characters, each group separated by a colon or dash.

See the video clip of a simple experiment in France in this article. The Bluetooth number that showed up was type BTLE. The BTLE numbers that the vaxxed may be generating are 12 numbers.


This article was from an obscure Romanian military journal, Land Forces Academy Review. In the Review’s October 2019 edition there is an article titled, “FROM HUMAN BODY DIGITIZATION TO INTERNET OF BODIES TOWARD A NEW DIMENSION OF MILITARY OPERATIONS” by Vasile Florin Popescu of the National Defense University of Romania. Though an obscure source, this brief report encapsulates the obvious trajectory for this technology perfectly. It should come as no surprise that from the earliest days of conceptualizing the Internet of Bodies that the military applications of such a concept were at the forefront.

From Human Body Digitization to Internet of Bodies toward a New Dimension of Military Operations, Vasile Florin Popescu, Published Online: 23 Oct 2019


Bluetooth connection, BTLE – Bluetooth low energy.
BTLE is a wireless personal area network technology aimed at novel applications in the healthcare, fitness, beacons, security, and home entertainment industries. It is independent of classic Bluetooth and has no compatibility, but Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) and LE can coexist.


Self-assembling Bluetooth capable nanochips and the link with vaccines.

What would the MAC address be used for? As an electronic ID, for digital certificates? “Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” Gates said in 2020. Source: As Coronavirus Panic Spreads, Bill Gates Talks Up ‘Digital Certificates’ to Enforce Mandatory Vaccines

These electronic components are organized in Quantum Dots (GQDs) and Quantum Cells (QCA). Quantum Dots Deliver Vaccines and Invisibly Encode Vaccination History in Skin

See the section on Quantum-dot tattoos in my post Vaxed – vexing questions about the Coronavirus pandemic which I wrote in 2020.

Gates asked researchers at MIT to come up with an ID in 2019, see their article from December 2019 ‘Storing medical information below the skin’s surface.’

The digital vertificates are part of the UN Agenda 2030 plan for a Universal ID.


Video of scanning people’s Blutooth codes

Bluetooth Vaccine? Does the Injected COVID Non-Vaccine Connect With Devices?

Vaccinated People Emitting MAC Addresses; What’s Causing This Phenomenon?


Dr. Chinda Brandolino on the nanoprocessors in the ‘vaccine.’ Source: Orwell City.
Mónica Calcedo: The chip. Is that real or a lie?
Dr. Chinda Brandolino: It’s a nanoprocessor. I say again that it is in plain view for those who want to see the micrographs of the electron microscope study made by Kalcker. It’s clearly seen, in the magnification, a small, perfect, quadrangular, precise-edged, metallic corpuscle, which is the same as any nanoprocessor in nanotechnology-responsive devices.
That nanoprocessor is driven from a 4G Plus or 5G antenna. That is, all G technology is the same. The difference lies in that the packet of information that an antenna can transmit is much larger in 4G Plus and 5G, 6G, and 7G.
That is, all that compact information is handled by a nanoprocessor —in a device—, which will be just inside our cells. By having Morgellons in the polyethylene glycol, they’re self-reproducing. That’s to say, it’s self-replicating. But because it’s in graphene… Graphene is a catalyst and, as I explained to you, makes that cell resonate with the 5G antenna and the microwaves of human thought. Can you understand that? There’s a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain.
But they are two different things: the microchip for the information and the nanoprocessor managed by the 5G antennas.

Orwell City, Dr. Chinda Brandolino on the nanoprocessors in the ‘vaccine’
August 27, 2021

The Transhuman Agenda

Weird COVID Vax Phenomena is Actually Expected if You Understand the Transhumanism Agenda

The New World Order (NWO) manipulators weren’t joking when they talked years ago of the Internet of Things (IoT) to work in conjunction with 5G; Bond-villain Klaus Schwab wasn’t joking when his World Economic Forum (WEF) talked recently of the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These Orwellian things are coming very rapidly into our reality, and we better pay attention. The Transhumanistic desire to turn all of us into Human 2.0 is happening right before our eyes and it’s high time to wake up to the agenda before it’s too late.

Grave concerns

How can I put this without it sounding sensationalist? It seems people’s bodies are still emitting the MAC addresses even when they’re dead and buried.

Cemetery Filled With Bluetooth Signals as Dead Vaccinated Emit MAC Addresses From the Grave!

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The Fine Art of Lethal Dosage Testing

Craig Paardekooper, a pharmaceutical sciences student at Kingston University, has tracked the patterns of deployment of toxic Covid 19 vaccine batches. He presents evidence of collusion between Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen.

This is proof people are being experimented on. These dots and clusters represent human beings and injuries from toxic “vaccine” batches.

Just remember Stalin’s callous quote; “a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

Even though the subject matter is appalling, this is a very dry and detailed video. If you’re pushed for time I’ve made a transcript which I urge you to listen to.

Craig Paardekooper has organised his presentation into four lessons. The first lesson explains about the toxic batches and he warns “don’t carry on rolling the dice.” The second lesson is a “who did it?” In the third lesson Paardekooper shows how each company appears to be working along with the others so that no one intrudes on the test slots. Lesson 4 is “The fine art of Lethal Dosage Testing, aka establishing the lethal limit without telling your experimental animals.”


In this video I’m going to be looking at the pattern of deployment of toxic batches.

The Covid vaccine was deployed in batches and each lot has a number. The batches are listed in the Vaers database in the order in which they were created, and the Vaers database also records the adverse reactions for each batch. Consequently, it was possible to make a graph plotting the adverse reactions along the vertical axis and the sequence of batches in time or order along the X axis. In this way, I was able to see the patterns of deployment of toxic batches over time. I was also able to see which companies were responsible and where, and I was able to deduce the purpose of their activities. You’re going to be astonished at what you will read. It’s a revelation of sorts. You will see behind the curtain.

Here is a graph of all the reported batches in Vaers in their time sequence and with their associated adverse reactions over the 2021. So this is all the batches represented on a graph in 2021, in the order in which the batches were deployed, and on the vertical axis showing the number of adverse reactions for each batch. So each dot is a batch. Take a moment to look at what you can see. About 95% of the batches lie very close to the X axis in this thick line here. These patches are all relatively harmless, generating only a handful of adverse reactions per batch. In fact, 80% of all the batches generate only one or two adverse reaction reports and so are harmless. All these harmless batches are found close to the X axis. And now for the shock. All the clouds are dots and these spikes are dots.

All of these dots above the X axis. All of these clouds and spikes are toxic batches. Yes, all of them. Okay, you probably need a moment to let that sink in. Maybe take a breath or two. We’ll get more into what these spikes and clouds mean later. For now, I’ll just give you a statistical breakdown. 5% of all the batches belong to these clouds and spikes. The really toxic ones generate 1000 to 5000 adverse reaction reports and are found above this red line.

These batches have been found to consistently cause adverse reactions, disabilities, deaths and hospitalizations in every state right across the USA. Wherever they are deployed, wherever they are dispensed, they cause harm. So these are the really toxic batches here. Luckily, these batches above the red line only comprise about zero point 65% of all the batches. So there’s only a one in 200 chance that your vaccine shot will come from one of these. A lesson learned. If you have been lucky so far, then don’t carry on rolling the dice.

So the total number of batches deployed in 2021 and recorded in verse is 28,330. As mentioned above, 80% of the batches are harmless, generating only one or two adverse reaction reports per batch, and they all lie inside this thick line along the X axis. However, one in 200 batches are very toxic, generating 1000 to 5000 adverse reaction reports. And these are all of these dots here above the red line.

So that’s the end of lesson one.

And now go to lesson two. Who did it? The name of this lesson is “who did it.” In this lesson, what we’re going to find out is which companies did which bits of the deployment of the toxic batches. Once again, it will be a bit of a surprise, a bit of a shock knowing who did what is actually a lot simpler than Cludo. Because there are only three companies involved in the deployment of vaccines in the USA. Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen. These are the only three that show up in the various reports. In order to see the contribution that each had on the deployment of toxic batches, I simply filtered the manufacturer column and selected each company in turn. No big deal. Of course you’ll need to do this in Excel.

After downloading the database, you can’t do it using the more public control panel. You have to download the data into Excel. Anyway, here are the results for Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen.

And firstly, we’re going to look at the full picture again. So here’s the full picture. Now, here are the results just for Moderna. And you’ll notice how Moderna accounts for every single vaccine batch in the first half of chart one. This is the total picture. And you’ll notice that the Moderna accounts for every single vaccine in the first half of this chart, except for two mysterious spikes before and after the Moderna batches. This spike and this spike, which it turns out were produced by Janssen and Janssen. And here are the results of the Pfizer batches. Notice that this is just Pfizer alone plotted from Vaers, and it exactly matches the latter half of the first chart.

It’s very remarkable that the size of that distribution is identical to the latter half. It appears as if the Pfizer completely took over supply of every single batch of vaccine in the USA. I’ll give the reason later for that.

And it’s also interesting how each company appears to be working along with the others so that no one intrudes on the other slot. Notice how Janssen abruptly stops and then Moderna starts, then Moderna stops all toxic batches, and then Janssen starts, and then Pfizer starts. And at this point, Moderna completely leaves the picture and does absolutely no more batches. And so Pfizer begins here and you have the results. Quite unexpected because I would have rather expected that the deployments from each company would be intermingled and spread out. Instead, what we have is carefully compartmentalized deployments from each company. So these are carefully compartmentalized deployments.

As I said, it looks like they’re all being organized from above so that no one intrudes on the others operations or time slots. That’s the end of that lesson.

Now we’re going to look at what the patterns mean. Okay, initially there was a preliminary test by Janssen. Prior to this test, there were harmless batches were deployed. And then suddenly and rather abruptly, Janssen deploys about 18 highly toxic batches, all very closely, very close in time, in close temporal succession, and with a toxicity up to 2000 times the toxicity of the previous harmless batches.

The introduction of the toxic batches begins very abruptly and then it ends and they resume harmless batches again. Then Moderna steps in and starts distributing harmless batches, but intermingling them with all of these toxic patches. They start deploying toxic batches almost immediately and they’re interspersive harmless patches. The toxic batches are mostly in the same range as the Janssen spike.

Above this range, they fade out and become much less frequent. So it looks as if the Janssen may have done a preliminary test run which was then taken up by Moderna, who produced all of their toxic vaccines, mainly within that range of nought to 2000, with some fading out above towards the end of Moderna’s time slot. It looks like Moderna had quite a bit of vaccine. It wanted to deploy quite a lot of toxic vaccine.

And that’s why there’s much greater concentration of toxic batches just here towards the end of their time slot. And then straight after Moderna resumes harmless batches all the way to here. So these are all harmless again. It’s just completely stopped distributing toxic batches. However, Janssen does a second test. This time it goes up to the same maximum of 2000, but it’s in a narrower range of 1000 to 2000.

So it looks as if Janssen has by this time learned how to focus the toxicity into a specific target range, 1000 to 2000 times the base toxicity. They’re achieving a narrower spread, avoiding the less potent and therefore more wasteful lower range north to 1000. So Janssen is becoming more precise. Then there’s a long period here of only harmless batches distributed by Moderna.

During this time, it looks as if the companies were creating a clear baseline before the subsequent testing, which I’ll go into a bit later. Moderna exited the picture completely at this point and Pfizer steps in. Pfizer being the German company, it looks as if Pfizer carries out a series of linear dosage tests. So what’s really extraordinary is how these three companies were acting in relay with each other. It really is odd. It’s as if all careful monitored dosage testing was allocated to the Germans while Moderna was given the initial job of randomly dispersing toxic batches.

Why was the Pfizer brought in? As you will see in the following, Pfizer was brought in to carry out rigorous dosage testing, deploying the most lethal batches systematically and recording and monitoring the effects. In order to do this effectively, they had to be the only company administering batches of vaccine. There could be no interference from other companies like Moderna, which would only mix and cloud the results. So Pfizer took over complete control of the Vaccination program in the USA.

It’s as if all carefully monitored dosage testing was allocated to the Germans. The delegation of dosage testing to Pfizer was most likely because Moderna was uncomfortable about testing on their own people, and it would be safer to involve an outside party for this nasty work. Moderna employees might waver in the face of applying toxins to their own friends and neighbours, and it only takes one leak. The purpose of Moderna’s deployment of toxic batches Moderna randomly distributed its toxic batches. In contrast, it looks as if the Pfizer deployed its batches with far more controlled under strict testing conditions, as will be described in the next lesson.

The purpose of the Moderna, therefore, was not to monitor or measure, since the deployment looks random and uncontrolled. Rather, it seems the deployment of toxic batches was simply to harm, possibly for the purpose of inducing fear of a pandemic and justifying stronger policies. The initial spike by Jansson that preceded the Moderna deployment looks like a test of the 2000 times dosage before Moderna released it upon the public. Here ends lesson three.

Lesson four. The fine art of Lethal Dosage Testing, aka establishing the lethal limit without telling your experimental animals. Here’s a close up of the deployment of all the batches by Pfizer in the USA, which followed the Moderna deployment. Now, Pfizer deployed about 9500 batches of Covid 19 vaccine in the USA. And curiously, the toxic batches that they deployed do not appear randomly arranged in time.

Rather, they cluster together in time, forming discrete periods of application clusters. So we have the cluster here, another cluster there, another cluster there another cluster here, another cluster here, and another cluster here. And we could say there’s a cluster here, but this one is less precise, but certainly all the others are highly clustered together in time, so they don’t appear random at all.

These clusters in between are punctuated by equally wide periods of total calm, or rather the total absence of toxic batches. In other words, only harmless batches are being deployed in between the clusters. Which is odd again, because if this was random, you’d expect kind of lots of intermediate, randomly dispersed, randomly scattered batches. But no, it goes highly toxic, zero toxic, highly toxic, zero toxic, highly toxic, zero toxic, highly toxic. And it’s like a non random distribution.

Okay. And the transition between cluster and calm, and the transition between the cluster of toxic batches and the periods of harmless batches is always abrupt. Also, the toxic batches don’t appear to be randomly arranged in terms of their toxicity. Just as the batches cluster in time, they also cluster in toxicity falling into discrete ranges.

For example, here’s a range, then here’s a range, then here’s a range, then here’s a range. In fact, all the ranges are about the same distance between the minimum and maximum. So here we have, the range is in 2000 to 3000 times. Then this range here is in about 1500 to 2500 and this one here is in the range 1000 kwh. And this one here is in the range well it’s possibly north to 1500. That could be 500 to 1,500. Either way, it’s a very nice linear decline that we can see in the dosages that they were administering.

So the toxic batches do not appear to be randomly arranged in terms of their toxicity. That is that clustering time also clustering toxicity falling into discrete ranges. Ranges that are distinct from the other clusters. So that’s another odd thing why the range here should be discrete and distinct from the range here.

If this was random and the range here is different from that one and the range here is different from that one. Furthermore, the toxicity ranges of sequential clusters decrease in a stepwise manner rather than as a continuous slope and these steps follow a linear decline. Okay, yes. So if the toxicity was random we would expect it to not necessarily go down in steps, but rather just a continuous slope. Perhaps. But these are in steps. It’s steps of 500.

All these characteristics can be observed in the chart below and they suggest that Pfizer is involved in deploying highly toxic batches of vaccine to every state of the USA for the purpose of identifying effective doses effective that is for their purposes. Thousands of citizens will have been hospitalized, injured, disabled and killed by these toxic batches. This was a medical experimentation upon the people of America young and older, like many of whom are still suffering in tremendous pain to this very day.

So I’ve gone over the periods of the chart. So just to sum up the medical experiment by the Pfizer, many characteristics of this deployment suggest that they were carrying out discrete dosage testing. One highly toxic batches clustered together in close temporal proximity. They appear in clusters close to each other.

In time, these sequential clusters are abruptly separated by clear periods during which only harmless batches are deployed. The toxicity of these toxic batches is not random, but rather is clustered into narrow ranges of toxicity. The clusters of batches occupy ranges of toxicity that are distinct from one another and follow a stepwise linear decline, each step being equal in size and punctuated by a clear period of harmless batches. The batch steps were in sequential order 3000 times, 2500 times, 2000 times, and 1500 times here.

That’s the end of my presentation and what you’ve seen is not just that the demonstration that batches are not all of equal toxicity, but I’ve also shown throughout the presentation that the deployment of these toxic patches often is not random. They appear abruptly. They appear in a systematic way time slotted for each company and also ceased just as abruptly. Just like Janssen ceased suddenly and resumed harmless batches just as Moderna ceased all of its toxic batches and resumed a long period of harness batches and then the Pfizer launches in with dosage testing at a very high toxic level and then decreases it systematically in steps of 500 in a linear step wise fashion.

So it’s not just that batches vary in toxicity, vary very widely 80% are relatively harmless only producing one or two at first reaction reports. The remainder can be have toxicity up to 5000 times the majority of the batches and these toxic batches seem to have been deployed systematically and deliberately upon the American people. It’s ironic that America, the erstwhile victors of the Second World War, should finally fall victim to medical experimentation carried out by the Germans.

What’s being discovered on the road to Human 2.0

Do you know what’s being injected into us in the name of keeping us safe from Covid? I’ve got two videos for you to watch, for which I’ve done transcripts. This is mind boggling. I know you will probably have cognitive dissonance about this, but I urge you to watch the videos.

The first video is by Dr Matt Shelton, a NZ doctor who is trying to understand the inexplicable and raise awareness of nanotech in the vaccines. He spoke on parliament grounds on the 18th February 2022 regarding undeclared nanotech components found in COVID-19 Vaccines.

The second video is a talk by Dr. Andreas Noack, an Austrian chemist who was one of the foremost experts on graphene in the world. He explained what graphene does to the body. He died just after releasing the information.

Here’s the transcript of Dr Matt Shelton, which starts at 01:24.

… And doing their own testing to a high scientific level. Now, in some areas of science, this is ordinary technology. Now, I have seen it with my own eyes down a microscope, but as have others better qualified to me to understand what they’re looking at over the last several weeks. And that’s why I am here today. To tell the truth.

These images are available online at our site and plenty of others. And I want to particularly recommend a site called and, where a team of scientists who have been working here, not us, have uploaded all their work.

We’ve tried to alert Medsafe, government, even MPs directly five times in the last month to get them to pause and investigate. Silence … except a muted “we’ll get back to you” from their lawyers. A few paid government shills have said, “oh, it’s just dirt or dust,” or we’re easily scared because we don’t know what we’re looking at! Damn right we’re scared! Of what this technology is for and what might happen next. I’m not ready to be Human 2.0 and no one asked our permission!

And we’re scared of a government that’s lost the plot. We wrote on the 27 September last year (2021) to Medsafe and ministers to alert them as emerging findings from overseas of nanotechnology gadgets, largely made of graphene, a known poison for humans and in all the major brands tested. That word from Spain has now been confirmed elsewhere, including Germany, Austria, Argentina. And just last week, in a high level science report from the UK also with legally valid chain of custody proof. And you guys know what that means, that no fraud has occurred and the results are real.

We believe the government contract won’t allow it to do its own testing, nor to know exactly what’s in the shots, which is why this is now in the hands of New Zealand police, who have the evidence that we urged them to investigate, despite the massive cognitive dissonance that they must feel. Yes, we get it. We have had two years to try to understand the inexplicable and slowly come to terms with the scale of what it seems we are up against. The problem for all of us, if this is true, and especially for our friends in the police, is that this must be the biggest crime in history, surely? How to proceed?

Well, it would be a brave policeman or policeman who took the risk of dismissing this evidence as just too preposterous, with over two and a half billion people who’ve been vaccinated watching them and waiting for answers. But it would be an even braver one that says, yes, me and my staff believed what we were told and we did the right thing.

But now we see there may be a risk for public health. You see, protecting the public good is the most basic role of the police. It’s why many went into the police, to protect and serve. It is surely a very low bar to achieve. But if they do not meet that standard and investigate, what good are they doing? Why should we even bother with them? We would be on our own and need to start again from the ground up, but we know they are better than that. They are us.

I’m sorry to turn my back on an audience but actually we’ve all been turning our back on the most important audience so I’m going to turn around and address my audience. You must ask your senior Sergeant and your commander what investigations are happening and why the true threat to the public hasn’t been neutralized. We’ve been hearing all week here from injured people and from health workers saying they know what is really going on in the system and we’ve been hearing this elsewhere for months and months. So we will keep fighting for everyone here today, but especially for the jabbed, many of whom are still absolutely fine, of course, but many are absolutely not fine. And hundreds, including some children are no more.

Wake up! There are things to be scared of, just not what they have been telling us. So they need to get their arses down here, talk to us and we can all sort this out. Thank you.

Video, 8 minutes: Dr. Matt Shelton: Undeclared Nanotech Components Found in COVID-19 Vaccines, 18.02.22

Here’s the transcript of German chemist Dr Andreas Noack, posted by him November 23, 2021. He died four days after publishing his talk.

“You can make braking pads out of this. It is not biologically decomposable. These nanoscale structures can best be described as razor blades. These razor blades are injected into the body. Nano-scale, tiny razor blades only one atom layer thick.

It is basically an acid. It suspends well in water because of the negative charge. So these razor blades spread homogeneously in the liquid. This is basically russian roulette. It cuts the blood vessels. The blood vessels have epithel cells as their inner lining. The epithel is extremely smooth, like a mirror. And it is cut up by these razor blades. That is what’s so dangerous.

If you inject the vaccine into a vein, the razors will circulate in the blood and cut up the epithel.

The mean thing is the toxicological tests are done in petri dishes and there you will not find anything.

These are the sharpest imaginable structures because they are only one atom layer thick. This is a huge molecule which is extremely sharp.

I am a specialist in activated carbon. In my doctoral thesis, I have converted graphene oxide to graphene hydroxide. I joined the world leading carbon manufacturer. After a year I was in charge of new activated carbon products. We bought a small company new Newcastle, England. I was in charge of new carbon products Europe-wide. I was in application scouting.

If you perform an autopsy on the victims, you will not find anything. Toxicologists do their tests in petri dishes. They can’t image there are structures that can cut up blood vessels. There are pictures of coagulated blood coming out of the nose. People bleed to death on the inside. Especially the top atheletes who are dropping dead have fast flowing blood. The faster the blood flows, the more damage the razors will do.

As a chemist, if you inject this into the blood, you know you are a murderer. It’s a new material, toxicologists are not aware of it yet. Suddenly it makes sense that the victim looks like this.

You see people collapse immediately after vaccination and have a seizure. These people had bad luck in russian roulette. Very likely, a vein was hit by a syringe.

The question you have to ask politicians and doctors, the question doctors should ask Phizer is: why are these razor blades in the vaccine? Now they want to force vaccinate children from the age of five.

The basis of medicine or pharmaceutics is chemistry. This doctor (Dr Szekeres, president of the Austrian medical board) has no idea about chemistry. Completely new structures unknown to nature are brought in (with the vaccines.)

Everyone is talking about the messenger RNA which has complex effects. The theory of mRNA is complex. But every chemist understands what this (graphene oxide) does. You see the mRNA story is possibly a diversion. I cannot imagine anyone will give me as a carbon specialist a proper explanation why these carbon razor blades are in the vaccine. This is war. They distract us with the messenger RNA. But people cannot collapse that quickly from that right after the injection. Something else is going on. And this effect should be studied.

He claims to be a specialist. Apparently the Austrian doctors don’t have a smarter guy than this one. He is a doctor who doesn’t understand chemistry, or he is a criminal, or he is a mass-murderer.

After the Spanish doctor’s study it is official that nanoscale graphene oxide is in the vaccine. So it is clear that razor blades are injected. So he is probably incompetent. If you want to inject a whole population by force, you have to do your homework extremely carefully. Because if there is something wrong with the injection, you will kill the whole population of a country.

Any doctor in Austria, after this information is now public, continues to inject this, is a murderer.

I am not some guy in the carbon field. I doctored in this area. I have a good idea of what the graphene oxide does. It is Russian roulette. Do you hit the vein or not? Does it stay in the muscle? Then it is less toxic. But if you hit a vein, and the batches contain different amounts of GHO, then you have to know you are cutting people up from the inside.

And it is a highly intelligent poison. Because a normal toxicologist who works with petri dishes, cannot find it because it doesn’t move. Toxicologists just don’t expect an nanoscale razors. As a chemist, I vouch for the fact that these are nanoscale razor blades. It stays in the body forever.

Even if people don’t drop dead immediately, it cuts up the blood vessels little by little. It destroys the heart. All the heart attacks. All the strokes. As a doctor, you have to ask, where is this coming from? If you understand that razors are being injected, it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear. The heart is cut up. The brain is cut up. Blood vessels are cut up.

The epithel cells are extremely smooth for a good reason, but become rough when cut up like this and things stick to it. By now every idiot can inject this. And when they hit a vein …

This material is declared “an experimental vaccine” for a reason. They don’t know what will happen. Every vaccinated subject has to sign they will take full responsibility. It will take 50 years before the contracts with Pfizer will be published. What is in these contracts? Why 50 years?

In Germany or Austria, there is no-one with my expertise. I wrote my thesis in this field. I know what I am talking about.

Sir Karl Popper explained the fundamentals of science. Hypothesis – refutation. Popper said it it better to kill theories than humans. The whole population is supposed to be injected. Exactly like Karl Popper said, if you continue to ride this murderous theory, you have to be extremely careful. They are the first to impose a vaccine mandate. They are killing the whole Austrian nation.

We had an Austrian once who brought death and suffering over Europe. I am appealing to you to share this video on all channels. I notice how little doctors know about chemistry. But they are doing chemistry in the body. In small children. In pregnant women. If you continue, I promise you, no court in the world will save you. You are ready to force-vaccinate the whole Austrian people with razor blades that are not biologically degradable.”

Translated Nov 25th 2021.


Nanotech found in Pfizer jab by New Zealand lab : Sue Grey and Dr Matt Shelton report findings to Parliament’s Health Select Committee. Recorded on 28th Jan 2022.

German whistleblower, Dr. Andreas Noack was MURDERED

Dr. Andreas Noack is one of the foremost experts on graphene in the world. He has studied data from Professor Pablo Campra from the University of Almeira. Dr. Campra used micro-raman spectroscopy to analyze the contents of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Noack reviewed Dr. Campra’s findings and found that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains graphene hydroxide.

Dr. Noack explains that the nanoparticles of graphene hydroxide act as kind-of razor blades slicing and dicing as they move through the body. Graphene hydroxide is not biodegradable. It remains circulating in the blood indefinitely. Dr. Noack explains that the heart and brain are organs that are particularly susceptible to damage from graphene hydroxide.

Dr. Noack opines that is why there has been a rash of young athletes dropping dead from heart attacks. The blood of the young athletes is efficiently coursing throughout the body causing unseen damage until they unexpectedly drop dead. Dr. Noack explains that doctors performing autopsies on victims of the vaccine are not going to find the graphene hydroxide because they are looking for something biological as the cause of death. Graphene hydroxide is not biological so it will not be visible in their tests.

Expert Reportedly Killed After He Publicly Revealed that Graphene Hydroxide is in COVID-19 Vaccines and Warned of Its Dangers.

Expert Reportedly Killed After He Publicly Revealed that Graphene Hydroxide is in COVID-19 Vaccines and Warned of Its Dangers

Life of the Blood, Nanotech in the shots

In a new interview for Palabras y Verdades, La Quinta Columna clarified the doubt about the percentage of graphene oxide in the vaccination vials. When they talked about it being present in 99% or almost 100%, they were referring specifically to what is obtained after analyzing the contents employing the spectroscopy technique:

Spectroscopy Analysis Reveals 99.5% Graphene Oxide In Moderna Vaccination Vial

Human 2.0 Is Coming Faster Than You Think. Will You Evolve With The Times?


How nanotechnology helps mRNA Covid-19 vaccines work

COVID-19 Vaccine Ingredients

National Laboratory of medicine: Nano dimensions/adjuvants in COVID-19 vaccines

MIT Technology Review: Writing Circuits on Graphene – this was from 2010

Nanotech found in Pfizer jab! PROOF!

CoVid vaccines based on graphene, nanonetwork and Internet of Nanothings (IoNT)

Smith, Kira. (2022).

It is now practically established that the element graphene, a derivative of graphite and based on carbon, forming nanotubes (CNT) is present in sera, in addition to the presence of other materials derived from it, such as graphene oxide (GO). Graphene is a nanomaterial that possesses exceptional physical, thermodynamic, electronic, mechanical and magnetic properties; it can be used as a superconductor, transducer, absorber of electromagnetic waves, emitter and receiver of signals. It has also been observed that by taking a vial of Pfizer vaccine and allowing the hydrogel to dry, after 3-4 days the presence of nanocircuits can be seen under the microscope: it is the graphene that reacts to electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic microwaves, self-assembles, according to DNA-based nanopatterns to mark the order of construction and electrophoresis/teslaphoresis to trigger the process in the solution materials (hydrogel) into electronic nanocircuits, with real nanoscale components, such as nanorouter, nanoantenna, etc. , formed of graphene, which acts as a signal repeater, since it is radio modulable, i.e. able to absorb electromagnetic waves and multiply their radiation; these electronic components are organized in Quantum Dots (GQDs) and Quantum Cells (QCA), particles that enjoy the above properties of graphene, exponentially greater, thanks to the Quantum Hall effect, especially in environments such as the human body. It will thus create an intracorporeal network or nanonetwork, which will detect every vital parameter, but also every slightest variation inside the body, thanks to the advanced and compressed electronics, superimposed on 3D. The collected signals would then be sent, through a gateway connected to the 5G network, in the Internet, to be stored in a huge cloud database and processed by software based on Machine Learning, exploiting the computing power of quantum computers.
The ultimate goal could be to store and eventually reproduce what we call “consciousness”, in perpetuity.

CoVid vaccines based on graphene, nanonetwork and Internet of Nanothings (IoNT) – Kira Smith

BRMI Bioregulatory Medicine Institute

The initial claim by the Spanish research team that GO exists in the Pfizer inoculation is certainly more than plausible given that 2020 Chinese Covid vaccine patents included graphene and that Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer consultant, also gives a credible description of its presence in the Pfizer product. Kingston gives the reason for GO’s inclusion to be its electric and magnetic properties. This is different from the Chinese vaccine patents that identified it as an adjuvant and delivery system. The general literature on GO identifies it as a viable delivery system for drug components. Therefore, it could also be assumed that Pfizer or Moderna included GO as an ingredient in their ‘proprietary mRNA formulations’ as one of its delivery components. For whatever purposes, any inclusion of graphene oxide in the Covid inoculations has questionable and potentially nefarious purposes. Should this be proven true, the bodies of those vaccinated will become superconductive, much like a cell phone.

Issues Surrounding Graphene Oxide in the Pfizer mRNA Covid 19 Formulation
Aug 31, 2021

James P.M. Odell, OMD, ND, L.Ac.


Scientists at Rice University discovered something while playing with Tesla coils and carbon nanotubes. They were able to get the carbon nanotubes to self-assemble when the carbon nanotubes were within range of a frequency being emitted by a Tesla coil.

They then figured out that they could use this phenomenon to create self-assembling circuits.

Human 2.0

The Road to Human 2.0

Nanotech in the Jab: 33 confirmed lots of Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine all catalogued in a database with Moderna, Pfizer and Janssen. Some dangerous and others relatively innocuous. The graphene may not be in every vial but the FDA have said they need 75 years to tell us all the details so maybe they are.

The Wuhan co-conspirator

Dr. Lieber is a genius-level scientist who specializes in exotic nanowire technology and how it interfaces with human neurology and biology. He has several patents, like patent 9252214: “Apparatus, method and computer program product providing radial addressing of nanowires.”

The “Apparatus” patent is particularly concerning because it entails a type of technology that can be quietly inserted into vaccines and used to turn humans into transhuman robots.

Once injected, nano-mesh lattices made up of the nanoscale wires from another of Lieber’s patents are said to have the potential to self-assemble into tiny computer systems that are capable of controlling human neurology.

Source: Wuhan co-conspirator Charles Lieber convicted of numerous crimes involving Wuhan, nanotechnology and the CCP

How to break the mandates

I was talking to a man last night who is doing his best to warn his children about the mandates, but they’re not listening, despite all his Facebook posts.

What to do? I read a great article by Julius Ruechel, The Emperor Has No Clothes: Finding the Courage to Break the Spell.

It’s a long article, here’s what I’ve gleaned;

We have to plant a seed of doubt. Data is not going to speak to a frightened mind, people will only look for that after they start questioning the government’s narrative.

Doubt leads the mind to seek out data, not the other way around. The regime is doing everything it can to prevent the fearful from thinking. This is a psychological war.

To plant a seed of doubt, to help people take that first step, it is not what we say that matters so much as being seen to say it, out loud, in public, in a way that allows you to be identified and counted, and being willing to face the music when the world can see what you really think. And saying it over and over again, relentlessly, until enough voices join in, until the counter chorus can no longer be dismissed as fringe. Doubt is created by breaking the illusion of consensus.

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Finding the Courage to Break the Spell

The NZ Government creates the illusion of consensus by referring to us as the “team of 5 million.” In New Zealand the convoy and the presence of the North Island protesters at parliament and South Island protesters at Picton is breaking that illusion.

Remember Hans Christian Andersen’s folk tale? It was a child speaking up about the emperor having no clothes that broke the spell. “All it took was a pointed finger, a well-timed laugh, and the courage to speak out.”

Doubt can also be created when someone’s personal experience doesn’t match the propaganda that they’ve been fed.

Many only started to ask questions after being required to get their booster shots.

As they begin to feel safe, they regain their ability to think, which gives rise to questions and doubts. The regime does not want people to regain their ability to see clearly and think independently. They’re trying to stoke hysteria about the unvaccinated and keep the vaccinated in fear with never ending variants in order to keep control.

We have to understand the long game that is being played. Our freedom is being removed incrementally, one piece at a time. Our disapproval is irrelevant unless we say it out loud and take a stand. Visibility. Letters, petitions, Facebook posts and press releases, these avenues are all in the same realm as the data. They will be dismissed until after the spell begins to break.

Break the illusion of consensus

Currently the regime is manufacturing an illusion of consensus to use herd instinct as a means of control. Breaking the illusion of consensus is what will give us the power to force the herd to think for itself. That is why it is so important that the silent good people speak out.

Change always starts from the fringes; change begins with a committed minority that refuses to be cowed.

Once an idea is adopted by 10% of the population, research shows that this is the psychological tipping point when ideas, opinions, or beliefs will be rapidly adopted by the rest of the population.  A noisy 10% is all it takes. Our freedom is not as far out of reach as you may think.

But it has a best-before date if the silent good people wait too long before speaking out.

It is the absence of noise, not the clash of swords, that marks the sound of liberty slipping away. 

Recognizing that the emperor has no clothes is not enough. People also have to be willing to say it out loud. That second point is currently our weakest link in this psychological war. 

Push the regime

When an authoritarian regime seeks to consolidate its power, there is a point of no return when no amount of dissent can stand up to the entrenched might of the juggernaut. The race is on between the regime’s ability to consolidate its power and those on our side to build up the courage to publicly express dissent.

The real heroes in this battle are the millions of citizens who come out from behind a veil of anonymity, at home, at work, with friends, with family and neighbors to add their voices to the counter chorus. Their words are not important. A joke, a meme, or the courage to whisper “bullshit” is all that it takes. Saying it publicly is all that matters. 

We need to push the regime to move further and faster as it feels its hold over the crowd begin to slip. We need to goad it into eroding its support base by overplaying its hand.

The regime can only push people into a corner for so long. It can only cry “variant” for so long before the effect wears out. We are neither a tame nor a broken people, yet. All we need to do is refuse to shut up (which breaks no laws) in order to force the regime into taking self-defeating measures. Its grip is slipping, and the crowd’s patience is wearing thin.

When the mood of the crowd turns, it will be sudden. We can win this game, easily, but only if the silent good people already on our side step out of the shadows to join our counter-chorus. Once the crowd is ours, the rest will happen all on its own.

By refusing to submit, by fighting them at any cost, on principle, it raises the cost for any tyrant who preys on the freedoms of others.

Force their hand

The official narrative is rapidly dissolving, rendering the fascism of the New Normal visible. This is happening now because those of us who have seen it from the beginning — and have been resisting it all along — have held out long enough to run out the clock. GloboCap can’t keep the narrative going, so all they have left is brute fascist force.

We need to make GloboCap deploy that force, and to shine a big, bright spotlight on it, as the truckers and protesters in Ottawa have just done. In case anyone is confused about the tactic, it’s called classic non-violent civil disobedience. I described it in a recent column:

“In other words, we need to make GloboCap (and its minions) go openly totalitarian … because it can’t. If it could, it would have done so already. Global capitalism cannot function that way. Going openly totalitarian will cause it to implode … no, not global capitalism itself, but this totalitarian version of it. In fact, this is starting to happen already. It needs the simulation of ‘reality,’ and ‘democracy,’ and ‘normality,’ to keep the masses docile. So we need to attack that simulation. We need to hammer on it until it cracks, and the monster hiding within in appears. That is the weakness of the system … New Normal totalitarianism will not work if the masses perceive it as totalitarianism, as a political/ideological program, rather than as a response to a deadly pandemic.”

The Naked Face Of New Normal Fascism
by Tyler Durden


Principles are a philosophical safety mechanism that protects society by raising the price for tyrants who would otherwise steal our freedoms through a thousand tiny slices. 

The fact that our freedoms are currently under attack is an indication that the tyrants believe there are not enough principled men and women left who are willing to push back, on principle. So far, they are right. It’s time to prove them wrong and raise the price of their tyranny. It’s time for the silent good people to break their silence, at any cost, on principle.

This lovely man is 80 years old and he saluted for the full half hour length of the convoy, apparently, as it passed through Wanganui.
Photo – Donna Henton

All governments rule through the consent of the crowd, including tyrannies. You don’t have to like what they do. You just have to comply. Saying nothing legitimizes each baby step towards full blown tyranny.

Freedom is not granted by governments. Freedom is earned by crowds willing to defend it for themselves, for their neighbors, for their peers, and for their children. On principle.

To sum up, I believe it’s not too late, we can win. To fight back, we need to

  • plant a seed of doubt, break the illusion of consensus
  • speak out publicly, protest, poke fun at the regime. Use jokes, memes, call it for what it is, “bullshit.”
  • push the regime, force their hand
  • act on our principles, do not comply.


The Emperor Has No Clothes: Finding the Courage to Break the Spell

Should Christians submit to the authorities?

“Mask, test, vaccinate,” we’ve been hearing it non-stop and ad-nauseum for nearly two years now. Should we be obeying that diktat? This is a post I made on my other blog but I’d like to hear what people outside the churches think about compliance. Some Christians are going along with the mandates while others are actively resisting. It’s a deeply troubling and divisive issue.

Some influential Christian leaders encourage their congregations to go along with the vaccine mandates, citing Romans 13, a passage from the Bible that tells us to obey the governing authorities.

The thing is, the original Greek word has a slightly different meaning. The Greek word hupotasso, which has been translated as “submit” or “be subject,” literally means to arrange stuff respectfully in an “orderly manner underneath,” like in the military.

It’s a bit different from conforming, following commands, or to kowtowing to an authority as a subordinate.

I’ve covered the topic here:

Sumbission, have we got it right?

Is it time for us to stop obeying?

I fully agree with this pastor:


The Heros

A FEISTY Kiwi pastor has told Jacinda Ardern and her Labour Party vaccination cabal to shove their shots and get their noses out of church business. Ardern is threatening to fine church leaders $15,000 if they are not vaccinated by December 3rd.

Kiwi church leaders defy Ardern’s threats to vaccinate or face a $15k fine

The Useful Fools

How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread Covid Propaganda To Churches

Vaccines rolled out to NZ children when Medsafe’s data shows the safety and efficacy of the Covid Vaccine in children has not yet been established

What would happen if the NZ media stopped breathlessly regaling us with the daily case numbers for Covid, Delta and Omicron, did their job and actually reported on the daily harm and deaths from the Pfizer injection?

Here NZ media, I’ll do it for you. I’m doing what you should because NZ children are now being put in harms way. My facts are from the single source of truth.

“The year 2021 closed with the latest report on Adverse events following immunisation. As at the 31st December 2021, 314 serious side effects and 133 deaths were reported to CARM after the administration of the Comirnaty vaccine.”

Of the 133 deaths, seven were aged under 29 and 28 were aged under 59. The others were over 60.

The deaths were expected as Medsafe state that “all medicines can cause side effects.”

Medsafe obtained the expected numbers of deaths after the first dose from the University of Auckland.

The reports of serious side effects were filed by the patients, vaccinators, nurses, GP’s and pharmacists.

The next safety report (#40) will be published on 16 February 2022, for the period ending 31 January 2021. Meanwhile, the vaccination program for children aged 5 to 11 commenced on the 17th January despite Medsafe’s documentation stating the safety and efficacy of COMIRNATY in children aged less than 12 years of age has not yet been established.

End of report.

Jo Blogs standing in for absent NZ Media

In accordance with the government’s insistence on being “the single point of truth,” the numbers of dead and inured people come straight from the Medsafe website : Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines: Safety Report #39 – 31 December 2021

Here are the questions I would want asked of the NZ prime minister and health officials, if we had a working media;

  • Citing the NZ Government’s own figures, the 133 deaths from vaccine injury are now more than double the 52 deaths for Covid. How can this vaccination program and traffic light system be justified?
  • How can we trust the total number of 52 deaths from Covid when a man shot dead by the police in Auckland on November 5th 2021 was counted as a “Covid death?”
  • Why is the vaccine described to the NZ Public as “safe and effective” when, from the NZ government’s own documents, Medsafe expected fatalities from the vaccine?
  • Why is the Pfizer vaccine being rolled out to 5 to 11 year olds when, from the NZ government’s documents, the *Comirnarty Data Sheet linked to the Medsafe report clearly states the safety and efficacy of COMIRNATY (the Covid vaccine) in children aged less than 12 years of age have not yet been established?

*See page 4 of the Cominarty Data Sheet.


Total NZ deaths from Covid, according to Worldometer:

Daily New Deaths in New Zealand

Since March 2020 there have been 52 deaths from Covid. As at 31 December 2021 where there have now been 133 deaths from Adverse Effects Following Immunisation.

Why the NZ man shot by police was counted as a Covid death:

“The clinical criteria will continue to be guided by [World Health Organization] definition, which is basically to report any death where the person had an acute COVID-19 infection regardless of what the cause of death might be,” Bloomfield said about death reports in general.”

New Zealand man who died of gunshot wound to be recorded as COVID-19 death: Report

The TV One news reporter commenting on that death can be seen on this link. I’m surprised he kept a straight face.

The Safety report from the Medsafe website to 31 December 2021 : Adverse events following immunisation with COVID-19 vaccines: Safety Report #39 – 31 December 2021

The expected deaths from the Pfizer vaccine: The expected death rates following dose 1 were 25.81 young people for the under 30’s and 205.61 adults under 60. Data for expected death rates was obtained from the Adverse events of special interest (AESI) background rate (SAFE) study provided by the University of Auckland. 

Cited from the latest Medsafe Safety report for 31 December 2021 : “The national roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines commenced on 20 February 2021. The vaccine currently available in New Zealand is Pfizer-BioNTech (Comirnaty). All medicines can cause side effects, the known side effects for Comirnaty are listed in the data sheet and consumer medicine information.”

Comirnarty Data Sheet: The version of the Comirnarty Data Sheet (Version: pfdcovii11121) appears to be dated the November 21st and supercedes a version (supersedes: pfdcovii10921) that appears to be dated 21st September 2021.

See page 4 of page 22, Paediatric use
The safety and efficacy of COMIRNATY in children aged less than 12 years of age have not
yet been established.


Babies: Medsafe’s report states, “the total of Adverse Effects Following Immunisation is different from the cumulative total above because it excludes 17 AEFI reports received for infants who did not receive the vaccine.”

Those 17 babies would have had injury reports filed after receiving the vaccine in their mothers milk.

Note: The Australian report on the COMIRNATY vaccine test results 25th Jan 2021, page 35 stated that there was no longer term safety data on use in pregnancy and while breast feeding.

Report: Australian Government Dept of Health and Aging
Therapeutic Goods Administration

Is Medsafe going to accept responsibility for the harm done to these babies?

News from the 17th January, 2021 that 1News did not investigate or report

The vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11 commenced on the 17th January. On that day, five children at the North Shore Events Centre are alleged to have collapsed following immunisation.

“Former TVNZ presenter Liz Gunn confronted a 1News reporter and her film crew outside a North Shore vaccination clinic today.

Gunn asked the reporter if she had heard that five children had collapsed earlier in the day and if she was going to report it. ‘How are you going to report that on 1News? Do you think that is part of what you’re supposed to do?’

‘I just can’t believe you guys are not reporting the full story. Why would you not be reporting five kids collapsing?’”



Liz Gunn outside the North Shore Events Centre:

Liz Gunn, news reporter interview

Are we going to tolerate this?