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UN watchdog takes aim at Helen Clark

A prominent human rights lawyer has taken aim at Helen Clark after she was appointed the head of a review into the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of watchdog group UN Watch, says New Zealand’s former Prime Minister is too close to China and WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to carry out the role effectively.

He also describes her as “an apologist for WHO wrongdoing” and took issue with her blocking him and UN Watch on Twitter.  Source: MSN News

Red Helen

MSN News reported that it was not known why Clark blocked Neuer and UN Watch on Twitter. Newshub reached out to a representative of Helen Clark for comment, but had not received a response at time of publishing.

That’s typical of Clark.  She’s a ruthless person who does not like being questioned or held accountable for her actions.  Besides Clark’s close links with communist China, should she be the person heading a review into the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, given what the Petrie report revealed about her administration of the UNDP?

The Petrie report

Under Clark’s leadership, the UNDP had soft-pedalled on human rights issues in general to maintain access for UNDP personnel in countries ruled by human rights violators.

The UN’s failings on this score were singled out for criticism within a major report (called the “Petrie Report”) that harshly criticised the UN’s reluctance to publicise and condemn the indiscriminate killing of some 70,000 Tamils that occurred in the closing months of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Senior UNDP official Lena Sinha had been instructed to co-operate with the authors of the Petrie Report, but was then allegedly blamed and blacklisted by Clark and her top managers for doing so.  Source: Gordon Campbell: the latest allegations against Helen Clark, 26 May 2016

“Sinha would later recall in a July 2015 email to a UNDP human resources official that two days after the formal release of the Petrie report she was “informed that UNDP had convened a ‘high-level crisis meeting’ regarding the Sri Lanka report, with the findings and recommendations, and my role therein, discussed, and that it was said that ‘I would never work for UNDP again,’” according to the email, which was reviewed by FP.”  Source: Sri Lanka Brief

Helen Clark and Charles Petrie

Charles Petrie has been fighting for justice for Rwanda for 25 years.  Petrie says he took the allegations to former Prime Minister Clark after she was appointed head of the UNDP in April 2009.

“British-born Petrie, who has also worked in Afghanistan, Somalia, Gaza and New York, said: “Almost from the moment I started to make my arguments, I realised she wasn’t interested … She didn’t show much interest, so I ended up curtailing the discussion.

Maybe it was because she was just starting her tenure. I would imagine that afterwards people close to her would have told her to drop the case.”

Petrie added: “I think doing so lay the groundwork for the rather poor relationship I had with her from then on.

The two would later clash over an investigation Petrie later wrote that sharply criticised the agency’s response to mass atrocities in Sri Lanka.”  Source: Helen Clark ‘wasn’t interested’ in UN Rwanda genocide claims


You can see Charles Petrie here – Charles Petrie: The Triumph of evil

Helen Clark’s office denies she left trail of ’embittered peers and subordinates’ at United Nations: The claims against her included that Clark “ruthlessly ended the careers of underlings in her quest to advance her candidacy and of undercutting the UN’s promotion of human rights,” Lynch wrote.

More hypocrisy

bruce-springsteen-Header_tvywthI heard on the news this month (April 2016) that Bruce Springsteen cancelled a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, because that state enacted a law to keep girls safe in restrooms.

North Carolina GOP Executive Director Dallas Woodhouse released the following statement about the cancellation:

“This is bizarre. The Greensboro Coliseum has men’s restrooms, women’s restrooms and presumably family restrooms. The policy passed by the General Assembly, rolled back the radical change in bathroom policy, by the Charlotte City Council and maintained the status quo. For years young girls have safely used the restrooms at ACC Tournament games and other events at the Greensboro Coliseum separated from grown men. The legislature and Governor simply secured the long standing common policy of safety and security and privacy.”


The newly enacted law (which would seem logical to most of us) requires individuals to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate.  It drew the ire of the gay and transgender people who believe their legal protections should trump those of the majority.

Agreeing with them, Springsteen canceled his concert to show his solidarity “in the fight against prejudice and bigotry.”

Nothing happened to him even though Greensboro Coliseum officials have estimated a loss of $100,000 in net revenue.

In a free country, he should have the right to withhold his services if they violate his deeply held beliefs.

Bake the cakeAs should the Kleins, the Christian bakers who in July 2015 were sued and gagged for refusing to make a same-sex wedding cake.  They were ordered to pay $135,000 in “emotional damages” to the couple they denied service – and ordered to “cease and desist” from speaking publicly about not wanting to bake cakes for same-sex weddings based on their Christian beliefs.


Here’s a clip of what happens when Moslem bakers are asked to bake a gay wedding cake in Deerborn, Michigan.  Is the gay lobby going to persecute prosecute them?  Just asking.

As for gender neutral bathrooms, here’s news from 2020. I’d love to ask Bruce Springsteen if he’s okay with this?

UK politician who lobbied for gender-neutral bathroom charged with child sex abuse.

Children need to be kept safe from predators like this.