Can you think of a catchy song put to beautiful, emotive music with lyrics that are easy to sing along to and remember?


I’m thinking of “Imagine” by John Lennon.  Do you listen to the lyrics of the songs that are playing?  This would have to have the worst lyrics ever.  No God, no nation, no possessions –  he might as well be singing the communist manifesto.  Talk about poison wrapped in candy.  I believe it’s been designed to “strike a chord” in the listener.  How many people has it indoctrinated?

I am glad to see someone else has noticed it too!  This is an article from Babylon Bee – my favourite Christian satire site:
John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ Rereleased With More Realistic Description Of Communism

John Lennon said he wasn’t a communist.  If he wasn’t then he was a sympathiser.  The person he’s jamming with here is Che Guevara – the marxist who played a key role in the Cuban Missile Crisis of October 1962 that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war.

John Lennon Che

Imagine… John Lennon & Che Guevara Jam Session. Recently declassified by the C.I.A. Imagine. Source:
Lennon said this song is “virtually the Communist Manifesto.” That’s usually the last we see of the quote, but Lennon added: “even though I am not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement.”

What do you think we should do with the song?  Be aware, or hit the off button?  Me, I change the station.

Signs from the Papacy

Does lightning strike twice?

When Roman Emperor Nero committed suicide in AD 68, a 120 foot high painting of him in the gardens of Maius, four kilometers away, was destroyed by a bolt of lightning  … on the same day.


Lightning strikes twice

Nero was infamously known as the Emperor who “fiddled while Rome burned.”  He blamed the Christians for Rome burning, and had many of them thrown to the wild beasts or crucified. He also burned them to death at night, where they served as ‘lighting’ in his gardens, while he mingled among the watching crowds.  It is this brutal persecution which immortalized Nero as the first Antichrist in the eyes of the Christian church.


The lightning bolt is associated with Lucifer, who Jesus saw fall from heaven like lightning.  It’s also a symbol for Zeus (who is the same entity as Lucifer).  The symbol was used in the swastika (turn the Z’s around) and in the Waffen SS.

Which brings us to the modern-day Roman Emperor.  When the last Pope suddenly resigned, a lightning bolt hit St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican repeatedly.

I think there’s more to that sudden resignation than we’re being told.  But I don’t think Ratzinger went to Hollywood.

Cool Pope

Pope Francis, the latest Roman Emperor, is very popular.   He looks gentler and softer than the previous Pope.

Here’s Pope Francis being promoted in this kid’s cartoon by Fox.  But see the lightning bolts on his sunglasses?  Interesting.  My daughter tells me I’m seeing too much into that, she says the lightning bolts are simply used in cartoons to denote reflections.


The sign of the hammer and sickle

The Pope will be addressing the U.S. congress on the day the French Foreign Minister warned we’d have ‘climate chaos’.  The next day the Pope will be addressing the U.N. when it launches its ‘sustainable development’ agenda for the world.

Sustainable development” is a communist buzzword that means population control, which is not what the Pope should be about, unless he’s changing the Roman Catholic church’s stance on family planning, amongst other things.  Religion should have nothing to do with Agenda 21.

No wonder president Morales of Bolivia, himself an Atheist Marxist, clearly seemed to think the Pope would be pleased with a hammer and sickle crucifix.

After The Pope has spoken at the UN and Congress this month, he leaves for Rome on the eve of the last blood moon.  I see a bad moon arising.

Let’s see what he’s got planned.  He may look like a lamb but he’s speaking like a dragon.

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