Why our state housing stock is being sold off while thousands of Kiwis are homeless

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The Prime Minister John Key announced earlier this year that he intended to sell off  1000 to 2000 of NZ’s state houses. Large numbers of these homes were built by the first Labour government in 1935 and as of 2013 the stock numbered 69,000. That era had marked the birth of our welfare state and the tenants of the first house that was finished and let in 1937, paid just one third of their income in rent. Fifty years later we had the Labour government promising to remain involved in NZ’s housing market, then with the event of  Rogernomics and Roger Douglas’s neo liberal economic policies (the new economic ‘experiment’ that benefited those at the top of the capitalist pyramid and launched the ever increasing gap between rich and poor) rents were raised to market rates. Tenants could then apply for a government subsidy called an accommodation benefit,  effectively subsidizing…

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Lightning-bolt tinted glasses

ss1The Friday 13th Paris attacks bother me.  There’s something ‘wrong’ here.  Is this a false flag event, with the hidden rulers at the top of the pyramid using or blaming the Jihadists?  Are they using terror to get us to exchange our liberty for security?  Remember, they create a problem, cause a reaction, and offer a solution. 

They are deeply into the occult.  Friday the 13th is a date favoured by them.  So is the number 11.  We have 11 being the month of November, and the biggest attack was carried out at the Bataclan Theatre in the 11th district of Paris.  Then there’s the devil worshipping at the concert venue.  When the band on stage, Eagles of Death Metal started to play “Kiss The Devil,” the devil rocked up.  And eighty-nine concert goers died while they were singing it.


Check the sunglasses out

Taking a close look at the band on stage, the Eagles of Death Metal; this is their logo →

Now look at ‘Cool Pope’, from my previous post ‘Signs from the Papacy.’

Cool Pope

And look at his sunglasses.  Hmmm.  Connection or coincidence?  You decide.  My job is to discern the spirit and point it out.  Lucifer is the fallen one associated with the lightning bolt.
Jesus said in Luke 10:18, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”
I think it’s time to take the lightning-bolt tinted glasses off.  They obscure people’s vision.

Back to the band, Eagles of Death Metal – the band playing at the Bataclan on the night of Friday 13th.

Jesse Huges - Eagles of Death Metal

Jesse Hughes in trailer for “The Redemption of the Devil”

Here’s a very interesting interview with the band’s front person Jesse Hughes at the Overdrive site.
It would have been the last interview before the Friday 13th attack.

OD – “You have been recently and I read that you had said you give Catholic and Christian services to those who would otherwise be deprived of it in the rock ’n’ roll environment. How did all of this come about?”

JESSE – “Yes, I got ordained and the story behind it is this …. “

I’ll leave you to read the interview, where he describes being approached by the Catholic Church to represent them in the rock ’n’ roll environment.  Because the church wants to update it’s poor image.  Hence the above Pope cartoon by Fox.

How Jesse Hughes would represent that church, I don’t know!  Darkness can’t mix with light. He said it himself; “it’s an impossibility to reconcile the differences in life, between the midnight runners and the lovers of the light. The Devils world, is the Devils world!  This is not a place where we are gathering to glorify Christ, it’s just not a reality …”

So what was he doing?  Aren’t ordained priests are supposed to care about souls?  All I see is the concert goers rocking and singing to their song “Kiss the devil” before being sacrificied.

If only they’d kissed the son instead.
Therefore, you kings, be wise; be warned, you rulers of the earth.
Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling.
Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your destruction, for his wrath can flare up in a moment. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.  Psalm 2:11-12

Kiss the son


The PC brigade strikes again

RespectIn New Zealand, we can no longer discipline our kids in public.

A father took his 3 children aged 9, 7, and 5 to visit their mother in hospital. He didn’t have to be there as he and the mother were no longer together.  That act of caring brought him an assault charge.

His name is Michael Laws, former Wanganui Mayor. His crime? He smacked one of his children in front of a nurse, who then complained to the police.
“Laws accused over child assault” blares the shrill headline from NZ Yahoo news.


Now this father stands accused, and the police are having to investigate a child assault complaint, when their time could be better spent elsewhere.  There are heaps of burglaries to investigate from NZ’s P epidemic.

I have been in that same hospital with my child, where I allowed them to jab her with a needle – and it made her cry. What I did was preventative act of caring, necessary for me to do as a parent.  How come jabbing my daughter with a needle so she wouldn’t catch whooping cough or diptheria is not termethey-had-no-rightd an assault, when giving a quick smack to a child has stepped over the line is!

It’s sad that NZ has been turned into a small-minded nanny state where parents are under threat.  This man was a well known person in Wanganui and a good father.  Where was the nurse’s common sense?  He’s a Dad left bringing up his children on his own in a land of missing fathers and he didn’t deserve this nonsense.  He was visiting his estranged partner and didn’t even have to be there.  His actions were those of a caring parent, not a bad one!

Why did Yahoo news make that nefarious accusation into a headline? You have to get to the second paragraph before you realise what he is guilty of – a smack!  What kind of Orwellian newspeak are they peddling?  I don’t want my opinion shaped, or have to read to paragraph two to get at the truth.


NZ, first country to enact a ban (on smacking) following the publication of the UN Study on “violence against children”

How did we come to this  in NZ?  This putrid piece of PC excrement, disguised as a law, was passed in 2007 to criminalise parents who smack.  It came in under the government of Helen Clark, after a UN publication on violence against children.  Helen Clark has been amply rewarded – she is now 3rd in power at the UN.

smacking referendumIt was brought in despite public petitions and protests, and without a referendum.  It was finally put to public referendum under John Key’s government in 2009, where it was asked “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?”  A whopping 87.4% of NZ answered ‘no’.  Nothing happened.  Why not, and why haven’t we been listened to?

John Key