Shiva, Geneva, and World Health

The World Health Organization describes its job as “the global guardian of health.”  There’s nothing religious about that.  So why did a photo surface of a meeting in 2019 of World Health Organisation officials with the Hindu god Shiva dancing in the background?

WHO meeting

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus meets with communist Chinese officials with Shiva the Destroyer in the backdrop

Both Cern and the WHO are based at Geneva.  Cern state they’re employing their vast global computing resources and collaborations in the fight against COVID-19.  Cern (the Council of European Research Nuclear) is the home of particle physics.  Cern also has a statue of Shiva doing his dance of destruction.  Coincidence?

In 2016 a fake human sacrifice was filmed in front of Shiva.  I wrote that the stunt would only be history repeating itself.  Cern is located on an ancient temple site dedicated to Apollo, where this sort of thing would have gone on.

Shiva, Cern

Other names for Apollo are Apollyon, Abaddon and Shiva.  The horned god on the left is Shiva Pahupati, the one on the right is Cernunnos.  Does it remind you of anyone?

Also headquartered at Geneva is Gavi, a public-private partnership created in 1999 when the Gates Foundation pledged US$ 750 million to set it up.

GAVI is supported by WHO, and needless to say, its main partners and sponsors are the pharmaceutical industry.

It appears these things partner very well together:
Agenda 2030 + Vaccines + Pharmaceutical companies + Technocracy,
Particle physics + Hinduism, but I don’t know what the tie-up is between the WHO and Shiva.

Do you have any ideas?

The WHO, CERN, and GAVI are all located at Geneva.  Are we looking at the framework of world government, and is it religious?

Finally, did you know the WHO has it’s own agenda?  It’s called Immunisation 2030.  It seems, the global government and pharmaceutical giants want to replace our immune systems with theirs.

Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind

SDG 16.9I mentioned GAVI when I wrote about ID2020, the global digital ID being planned for everyone in accordance with Agenda 2030 sustainable development goal 16.9.  Would a COVID-19 vaccine combine with ID2020, the universal digital Biometric identity?

In a previous post,  Vaxed – vexing questions about the Coronavirus pandemic:  I asked, what would it take to make a vaccine coupled with a Biometric ID mandatory and WHO would benefit?

With financial ties to pharmaceutical companies profiting from the WHO recommendations – wouldn’t there be a conflict of interest?  Has it happened before?

Yes, it has, according to the National Vaccine Information Center:

WHO Scientists & Conflicts of Interest During 2009 Flu Pandemic

“In 2010, after a joint investigation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in collaboration with the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, an article was published in the BMJ revealing that three key scientists, who influenced the WHO’s decision to declare a swine flu (H1N1) influenza pandemic in 2009 and recommend that all countries use and stockpile vaccines and pandemic flu drugs, had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies profiting from the WHO recommendations (GlaxoSmithKline and Roche). WHO was also criticized for lack of transparency for refusing to release the identities of the 16 members of an Emergency Committee formed in 2009 to guide pandemic policy.58

The 2009 pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which was rushed to market to address a WHO declared pandemic that did not happen, triggered an autoimmune reaction in more than 1,300 people in Europe who got GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine and left them with narcolepsy, an incurable immune mediated neurological disorder.”
Source: Barbara Loe Fisher, The WHO and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance Lead Global Vaccine Marketing


Explainer: What Does The World Health Organization Do?

CERN is the hub of vast global computing resources and collaborations, representing a considerable potential in the fight against COVID-19, with applications ranging from the support of therapy and vaccine research to the deployment of the data-sharing platform Zenodo, and from online educational platform tools to epidemic modelling.

Initiatives from the CERN community in global fight against COVID-19

The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China



  1. Glad to see you raising this subject Jo, especially the CERN connection. A timely reminder of a hidden and very dark religious agenda.

    1. Hi Martin, yes we need to expose it. Are you in the Auckland area? I hope not. I’ve just heard we’ve been put back into level 3 lock down. They’re locking us back down for something that previously only 20 people in a nursing home died of. Unbelievable.

  2. I think the tie-in with the WHO is the United Nations charter org, The Lucis Trust. I’m sure you’re familiar with them and their plan to deceive the world with a false messiah (merely a puppet of the NWO globalists). As the name suggests, Lucis refers to Lucifer (who is of course a misunderstood good guy, ahem…).

    1. Yes I read about the Lucis Trust reading Totalitaria by Ian Wishart. You’re probably right about the tie-in with them and the WHO. I’ll have to investigate.

  3. Thank you Jo. I started to see this emergence when India went into lockdown in March. The Sanskrit symbol was beamed into the sky and a huge Sanskrit symbol in flames in various places around India. Sanskrit is the peace symbol. 1.4 billion Indians took art in this. Reverse he symbol and you have the Swastika. This may herald in a false peace.

    1. I know that a billion Indians worship Shiva. He’s part of the Hindu godhead. It’s interesting that Shiva and Apollo\Apollyon\Abaddon both have the title “Destroyer.”
      I think I’ve found a link with Apollo and health. Medicine and healing are associated with Apollo, whether through himself or mediated through his son Asclepius. (Think of the WHO symbol.) Apollo delivered people from epidemics, yet he could also bring ill-health and deadly plague.

    1. Hi Martin,
      That’s interesting. So the Kali Yuga is the Hindu end times system of thought. According to them there’s 426,878 years left of the cycle.
      The age does not accord with the end times of the Bible, but they do have a rider on a white horse who has similarities with Jesus Christ in Revelation 14.1-3.
      Kalki rides a white horse and will come with a sword to intervene after the rulers of the earth have degenerated into plunderers.
      The first horseman of the apocalypse in Revelation 6 comes first, he’ll also ride a white horse and deceive those who don’t know Jesus.
      Kalki was expected to arrive in 2012 according to one of the Hindu swamis from 500 years ago.
      So Kalki would be another subject worth researching.
      Kind regards,

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