Keeping faith with New Zealand?

Jacinda Adern has been praised for her empathetic leadership during this Covid-19 crisis.  Should she be?  Who has she been kind to?  Why is she giving arbitrary orders to NZ that are at odds with the government’s instructions to the Police? 

Adern said that under the Covid-19 level 2 rules, there could not be more than ten people in a place of worship.  But yesterday, on the 20th May, a leaked Police document showed that places of worship can be open with a limit of 100 people.  What’s going on?  The inconsistency hasn’t been reported by the media.  Where are the reporters demanding an explanation?

You might not care about faith, but ask yourself, who is she going to discriminate against next?

I’m going to call this a big, sloppy, steaming pile of bovine excrement.  We should pray for the government, but keep faith with a higher agency.  Perhaps the churches should meet in bars.  Bars are allowed 100 people.

Sign of the times

The NZ police can’t shut a church down – it will be going against their guidelines!

Leaked Police doc


Links: This is just in after my blog post yesterday.  It’s good to see at least one media outlet finally reporting on this.

Covid-19: Police give green-light to large church services, contradicting PM’s stance


  1. Very interesting Jo. My father is very active member of a Christian church community involved with organising. I’ve made sure he sees a copy of this letter as he was most upset about Bubbles Ardern’s “no Church” announcement.

    1. Finally, this morning the media have got on to it, two days late.
      I wonder if they take the pulse of the nation by reading our posts on social media?
      Tell your Dad churches can meet and to ignore ‘Karma Chameleon Adern’ who clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

  2. Jo,
    Trump has just said that he will over-rule governors if they don’t let churches open.
    He has said they are an essential service and can handle the social distancing.
    Our PM chose to ignore police advice.

    1. I like what Trump said about churches being an essential service, and I hope he will over-rule the governors. I’ve heard in the US it’s worse in states ruled by Democrats. Our spiritual needs have been ignored all the way through this, especially for people who’ve lost loved ones.

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