Blonde gunned down by Somali police officer in Minneapolis

justine damond

Justine Damond

After reporting an assault she’d heard, Australian woman Justine Damond was gunned down by a Minnesota cop.  How did it happen? 

When the police car arrived, she ran up to it in her pyjamas and spoke to the driver.  Officer Noor, with his firearm already drawn, reached across his partner from the passenger’s side to shoot her through the driver’s window, multiple times in cold blood.

Why did it happen?

We were perplexed!  How could it happen?  Why would an American police officer, whose oath is to “serve and protect,” do that?

The NZ media didn’t tell us.  The next day I read that the Minnesota police officer was Somali born Mohamed Noor.  He’d got into the police as a celebrated “diversity hire.”

Now I understand.  It was a hate crime.  It was murder.  By a man who should never have been put in a position of trust.  He came from a violent culture.  His religion is Islam, and he would have seen this pajama clad blonde as  a “wicked infidel.”  In his culture, women are expected to wear the hijab and be confined to their homes.  Were his murderous actions influenced by Sharia law?

The Somali community in Minnesota regularly call for Sharia law.
Minnesota Muslims brutally honest: ‘We want Sharia’

I only hope this is explained to the people of Minnesota, Australia, and Justine’s uncomprehending family.
Justine Damond shooting: Family plead for answers after woman shot by police
“Anger is growing in Minnesota and Australia over a lack of answers about why Damond was shot.  The state’s independent Bureau of Criminal Apprehensions has launched an investigation into the killing but has provided few details about what sparked the deadly incident.”  Source: Video reveals darker side to Justine Damond’s life

The wolf is indeed guarding the sheep.

My final question is, how would have this have been reported if it had been a white American policeman shooting a Somali woman?

Donald Trump said the Somali migrants were a disaster for Minnesota.  I’d have to agree.  These people have no regard for American culture or law.
Somali migrants are ‘disaster’ for Minnesota, says Donald Trump

A New Ager, Justine believed you create your own reality.  She believed in a “benevolent force that will bring you anything you want but you are the sole creator of your reality.”

The fatal flaw with her thinking is she didn’t take into account evil, and although we can shape reality, we can’t create it.  We’re not God.

We certainly create our own paradigms, which are cultural and religious. Diversity and multiculturism don’t work because we don’t all think the same.

Justine Damond’s reality was that law enforcement was safe, there to protect and serve – and if she’d been dealing with American culture, that would have been true.  But she wasn’t.  Mohamed Noor’s cultural reality was probably that he “had a calling” to enforce Sharia law, which deprives women of their rights.  I say that from his actions, and there have been complaints about him before he shot this woman.

There’s a Bible proverb, Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.”  Proverbs 4:23

In June 2020, Australians protesting “Black lives matter,” don’t know or care about Justine Damond.

Forty thousand protesters descended on Melbourne’s CBD over the weekend to take part in the Black Lives Matter rally following the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minnesota.

Avi Yemini of TR News attended the protest on Saturday where he asked participants why they didn’t hold a similar rally after the murder of Australian woman Justine Damon who was shot dead by a black officer from the same Minnesota police force.


Mohamed Noor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

LISTEN: Justine Damond Shooting Police Dispatch Audio

Minneapolis Mayor: ‘We All Want Answers’

Ex-Minneapolis police officer arrives for trial


    1. Hi Tim, Thanks for this excellent info. Did you notice that the Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau was “the first female, first openly gay and first Native American police chief” who had “once successfully filed a discrimination and sexual harassment complaint against the police force along with her partner?” So she was a diversity hire, as is Cressida Dick, the current London Metropolitan Police Commissioner.
      There’s a pattern here. How many other lesbian feminists and Mohammedans are there out there, quietly getting into power – promoted by the liberal media and diversity appointments?
      Persecution is coming.
      Moslem Mayor Sadiq Khan and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges have both set up online hate crime hubs to arrest anyone who dares speak out against Muslims.
      In the wake of Justine Damond’s murder by the Somali Muslim cop, Mayor Betsy Hodges has urged Muslims to file hate crime claims -just as Sadiq Khan and Cressida Dick did in London after the last batch of atrocities by Muslims in the UK. Looks like the only ones safe from arrest are the Muslim handlers and perpetrators.
      I know Jesus is coming back but until he gets here it’s watchman duty.
      God bless, Jo

  1. Birds of a feather flock together. Liberals, feminists and Muslims are non-Christian or anti-Christian. We don’t need diversity: we need Judaeo-Christian values.

    1. They’re like a bunch of crows. Wait until you see how much they HAVE flocked together. I did some research last night after I sent you this message. There’s a whole lot of stealthy social engineering going on. This thing in Minnesota is a logical consequence of it. I’ll blog about it as soon as I can.
      God bless, Jo

  2. I remember this incident. Did an article on it myself at the time, and they (MSM) kept pretty quiet about the cop being a Somalian.

    1. You’re right, the media did keep quiet about the race and religion of the murderer. There’s another incident that’s just happened where another white female has been attacked, she’s also from Melbourne. This was on her own turf and it looks like, from the head coverings, the gang are muslim.
      It’s very hard to watch. No-one went to help. and the police weren’t going to make any arrests. Do white lives not matter?

      I’m posting a new link because that one got taken down.

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