Go tell it to the birds

cig bird

City birds use cigarette butts to smoke out parasites

Today I heard on the news that a local anti-smoking lobby group wants new laws to force tobacco companies to take responsibility for the environmental damage done by millions of discarded cigarette butts.

Environmental damage?  Sure, it might not look nice ‘butt’ they can go tell it to the birds, who are lining their nests with cigarette butts to repel pests and keep themselves warm, according to research.


So that’s my ‘rebutt-al.’  I personally don’t smoke – but I dislike slogans and the use of half-truths in pursuit of an agenda.  If this lobby group is going to throw around meaningless slogans like “carbon footprint” or insist that cigarette butts are full of harmful chemicals, they should get their facts straight first.

“You can go tell it to the birds” is an idiom that is used when someone says something that is not credible or is a lie.

But honestly tell it to the birds
You can make a case for the records
But no one’s going to check it
No matter what you say … — James Hersey


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