Good fences make good neighbours

Nice wall Pope

Pope Francis called Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border “un-Christian.”  That’s rich, coming from him.  The Vatican is a walled city state!

The current situation in beleaguered Europe shows us why nations need borders.  German Cabinet Official Gerd Muller said only 10% of the migrants have arrived from the Middle East and Africa.  Eight to ten million migrants are still on the way.”  He slammed the European Union for failing to control the crisis, saying the border-free Schengen zone has “collapsed.”


“Lose security? Lose employment? SCHENGEN NO”

The Schengen Agreement was signed by ten European nations in 1985, removing Europe’s borders.  At the same time, multiculturalism was being imposed through immigration.  Do “ism’s” ever work?

Along with multiculturalism came political correctness.  No-one’s allowed to report on the multicultural elephant in the room.  Or the Islamic camel’s nose in the tent.

Of the million strong migrants that arrived in 2015, how many of them are genuine refugees?

RefugeesWhat is going to be done to protect the culture and the European people?  Boundaries are there for a reason – whether national or personal.

Boundaries are good, and they’re God ordained.  It is written “From one man God made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. Acts 17:26

In the next verse we read so that they should seek the Lord, in the hope that they might grope for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us.” Acts 17:27

Even atheist China saw the link between Christianity and Western freedoms.  But it seems Muslims covet the gifts, but not the giver.  Are they going to seek the Lord, or will they demand their own way and seek to impose Islam on their host societies?

It’s obvious that not all religions are the same.  The Bible makes some interesting statements about religion and the land.  In Leviticus 18 God warns that if the land is defiled; he will punish it for its sin, and the land will vomit out its inhabitants.  In Psalm 68:6 we read that “the rebellious live in a sun-scorched land.”

Lets looks at the countries that Islam covers from above.


What does that tell you?  The only green spot in it besides the Nile delta is tiny Israel.  It’s the only nation that’s democratic and not Islamic.  If it’s because of a lack of rainfall, then Israel should be just as arid. 

Here are some borders from around the world.  The difference between Haiti and the Dominican republic is another remarkable picture.  Haiti practices voodoo.

14 Mind Blowing International Borders From Around the World


    1. Hi Richard, You’re right, multi-culturism has failed. But how many Muslims from this failed experiment have you already got in England?
      When I first came for a visit in 1980, it was a country that was friendly and welcoming. Everyone wanted to know about my accent and where I was from.
      I met lots of English people, and I was impressed by them.
      Fast-forward to 2002 when I brought my children back for another visit. While staying in London for two days, I decided to walk into town through Kensington Gardens. To get there we walked through a shopping high street which was full of Arabs. All the shops had signs were in Arabic. We just goggled at the scene and the kids asked where the English people were? “I don’t know” I said. Then there was a street demonstration by Arabs, protesting against Israel. “Sssh, stay silent” I warned. We were against them, but we dared not show it. We felt unsafe.
      When we did meet English people in London, the mood was sour and no-one was friendly.
      What happened to England? In World War 2 King George called for an unprecedented week of prayer when your troops were stranded at Dunkirk. Throughout the country, people prayed for a miraculous delivery. And England got her deliverance, with miracle after miracle.
      Would any English leader do that now? Would the people follow him in prayer?
      Do you have any Christian leaders anymore? The only one I read about was David Silvester, and he got booted out of the UKIP party.
      You can guarantee that the Muslims are not secular. They’re serious about their faith – and they intend to spread Islam everywhere.
      They will push for Sharia law as soon as they have the numbers, and they’ve already taken over in areas where they are the majority.
      The thing I keep getting from God is that we need to be able to hear him, and contend for the faith – because there is going to be increasing spiritual warfare.
      Sorry if I sound negative. May the Church shine bright in the darkness.
      I wrote about Dunkirk and the call to prayer in this post:
      May England hear calls to prayer like this, not Islamic ones from mosques.
      God bless, Jo

      1. Many thanks for the links re Rees Howell, Jo. The leader of UKIP (himself of dubious character) has recently shown his true colours in regarding a man known for his strident anti-Semitic stance as a “tower” (

        At least PM Cameron is now showing sense in tackling Islamist extremism within society but let’s not overlook the fact Isis’ barbarity is making many Muslims rethink their faith, as reported by Joel Rosenberg ( and Clifford Hill ( + the promise I heard in the heavenlies from Lord in ’92 that Islam will fall. So, as well as the Lord appearing direct to them in dreams, it’s also believers’ responsibility to start relating to them and showing them who Jesus is.

        No doubt our problems are a result of having reneged upon our commitment to fulfil the Balfour Declaration on behalf of the tree we’re grafted into!

      2. Hi Richard, I’m glad that your prime minister is now tackling Islamist extremism. I agree with you about Britain’s problems being a result of reneging on the Balfour declaration.
        I thought you might find this link interesting.
        It says the Syrian (Muslim) refugees will need to be educated – strengthened intellectually and taught respect in order to integrate so they won’t get radicalised. God bless, Jo

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