Noah’s ark mentioned in 1st century book

Flavius JosephusDid you know that 2,000 years ago people could go and see the remains of Noah’s Ark?  I found the reference in a book from the 1st Century by a Jewish historian named Flavious Josephus, which I am reading at the moment.

This is what I read from Chapter 2 of his book, Antiquities of the Jews:

“But when Monobazus was grown old, and saw that he had but a little time to live, he had a mind to come to the sight of his son before he died. So he sent for him, and embraced him after the most affectionate manner, and bestowed on him the country called Carra; it was a soil that bare ammomum in great plenty: there are also in it the remains of that ark, wherein it is related that Noah escaped the deluge, and where they are still shewn to such as are desirous to see them.”   Josephus – Antiquities of the Jews, Chapter 2.

I downloaded it as an eBook.  It can be read here:

The land of Carra is in the Armenian region of Turkey.

Were you taught this at school I wonder?




    1. Hi Tim,
      I’d read about John the Baptist in Antiquities of the Jews, but I hadn’t read Josephus’s War of the Jews. What interesting phenomena and signs he described prior to the fall of Jerusalem. Isn’t it interesting that not one Christian died in the fall of Jerusalem because they all heeded the warning Jesus gave them in Luke 21.
      God bless, Jo

      1. What I have read is that the Roman Army marched to Jerusalem in 66 AD, but they did not lay siege to the city. That was when the Christians left Jerusalem. Four years later (70 AD), the Romans marched to Jerusalem and laid siege to it and destroyed the Temple. That was the beginning of the Jewish Diaspora.

        Also, when Pompeii was destroyed by that volcano in 79 AD, there were no Christians living there. Pompeii was well-known as a place of great sexual sin:

        Eruption of Vesuvius: Destruction of Pompeii, 79 AD:

        [from Conservapedia]

        One notable aspect of Pompeii which archaeologists have abundantly evidenced is its pervasive eroticism, which, as was typical, was associated with pagan religion (even the gladiator games began as honoring pagan gods).

        The discovery of this lewdness shocked researchers from Christian influenced English society, as one expressed:

        Ancient relics . . . are full of objects so indecent, if we compare them to modern compositions, that the brush or needle of our Artists hardly dares to reproduce them for us. The word chosen for their classification was pornography, a word formulated by German art historian C.O Muller, who’s alluded in his book, Handbuch der Archaolgie der Kunst, 1850, to “the great number of obscene representations . . . to which mythology gave frequent occasion.”

        Scott Ashley informs that:

        Up to several dozen buildings have been identified as likely houses of prostitution. Some, due to the explicit wall paintings and graffiti found in them, leave no doubt as to their purpose. Even in private homes, wall paintings and mosaics depict all kinds of sexual activity, and many common household objects such as lamps, dishes, vases and fountains have been found with sexual motifs. Recent excavations at one of Pompeii’s public baths indicate that one floor of the structure may have been a brothel.

        Due to its pervasive immorality, prior to or shortly after the destruction of Pompeii, someone wrote “Sodom and Gomorrah” onto a wall near the cities central crossroads. The early church leader Tertullian defended Christians against the charge that their neglect of pagan worship resulted in pagan gods causing natural disasters, by indicating that no Christians lived in Pompeii when it was destroyed. Many Christians have since invoked the destruction of Pompeii as an example of God’s judgment against rampant immorality.

      2. It’s interesting that Christians had the same good sense to stay away from Pompei as the Christians who’d left Jerusalem. The difference between then and now is we can’t get out of Dodge!

  1. I believe I can speak for the United States because I live here. There is a lot of sin in general in the United States, namely: abortion, homosexuality and earth worship. If there is going to be destruction on American soil (and there already is: the drought, the wildfires in the West, the war on police), it will be in certain regions.

    I had a very vivid dream about a Las Vegas earthquake. I have met people who had dreams
    visions of the destruction of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. I met a Christian while I was hitchhiking a few years ago, and he said that he has met a number of Christians who have left California; they are moving to eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana.

    If the Lord is going to destroy Las Vegas, He will tell the Christians to leave ahead of time (this, of course, does not include lukewarm Christians).

    The Lord is positioning His chess pieces as we speak.

    “Goodbye, Las Vegas”

    “Wendy Alec’s Vision of the Destruction of San Francisco”

    “God Will Draw The Wicked into Cities Marked for Destruction”

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