The Eketahuna quake – a birds eye view

Eketahuna Kiwi

The Eketahuna Kiwi – NZ’s flightless bird.

Last week we had another quake in NZ.  There’s nothing unusual in that, but there are a couple of things I noticed.

The 6.2 magnitude earthquake happened on Jan 20th.  It was based in Eketahuna, a small town north of Wellington, NZ.

First, a bit about Eketahuna.  In Maori Eketahuna means “to run aground in gravel”, Eke = to embark upon, run aground.
Tahuna = gravel bank, boulders or stone.

NZ, once described as “Gods own country” is now in revolt against Him.  Is the country going to run aground on a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense?  1 Peter 2:8  (That’s how Jesus is described in different parts of the Bible).

The name of the town, when spoken, sounds like a sentence in Afrikaans which translates to “I have a chicken”, which is a source of amusement to Afrikaans-speaking immigrants.

We in NZ colloquially refer to Eketahuna the way Aussies refer to the “Back of Bourke”, i.e., the middle of nowhere, “the sticks”.  Eketahuna has a big Kiwi statue, to represent that it is a stereotypical rural NZ town, “the real New Zealand”.  New Zealanders are known as “Kiwis”.  The Kiwi, New Zealand’s flightless bird shown above, is found only in NZ,  and is our national symbol.

Eagle after earthquake 20-1-14

The Weta eagle – NZ’s OTHER flightless bird ….

One of the two giant eagles hanging from the roof of Wellington airport to promote the Hobbit trilogy fell down as a result of the shaking.  (The Hobbit, along with the Lord of the Rings, has been produced in NZ.)

The Weta Workshop eagles each weigh 2 tonnes, have a wingspan of 15m, and were suspended from the roof by eight cables.  Fortunately it didn’t land on anybody.

Apart from the irony, I do see another warning for NZ.

Fowl swoopIt reminds me of a scripture;

“Put the trumpet to your lips!
An eagle is over the house of the LORD
because the people have broken my covenant
and rebelled against my law.”  Hosea 8:1

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