Signs from Seddon

Seddon and Beehive16 Aug 2013 A magnitude-6.6 quake just 8 kilometres deep hit Seddon at 2.31pm, and was felt strongly in Wellington, NZ’s capital.

17 Aug 2013 It came to me during my Bible reading on Saturday morning that Seddon was a sign, and a warning.  The town of Seddon is named after Richard Seddon, New Zealand’s longest serving Prime Minster (from 1893 to 1906).

The prominent statue of Richard Seddon outside NZ’s Parliament Buildings has come to represent the authority of the government in NZ.

Who grants the government that authority?  God.  It is written “By me kings reign and rulers issue decrees that are just” Proverbs 8:15


On the 19 Aug 2013 the Marriage Amendment Act becomes law.  The Marriage Amendment Act has changed traditional marriage from a man and woman to include same sex marriage.  It was pushed through under urgency, without a referendum, without a mandate from the majority of New Zealanders.  During the time it was going through parliament the country suffered a drought in both islands, the worst in 70 years.

Even though marriage is a covenant that God ordained to be between a man and a woman, and it is by God that rulers issue decrees, our government and media thinks they know better.  Now Seddon, representing the authority of the government in New Zealand, is being shaken.



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